Robusta Travertino GTX boot – Review

Robusta Travertino GTX boot

In this little post I am going to talk about another Robusta boot. This boot is the Robusta Travertino GTX boot. The Robusta Travertino GTX boot is a new boot to the U.K market. The boot is made in Spain by a Spanish company called Robusta footwear. All of the Robusta range is made in Spain including the Robusta Travertino GTX boot. This boot is a great boot and in this post I am going to explain why.


Robusta Travertino GTX boot – Introduction and Specification

The Robusta Travertino GTX boot is a 9inch, all leather combat boot that is completely waterproof. This is what the boot is in short but it is so much more then that. I am going to explain what it has and how it will help police officers on shift. The Robusta Travertino GTX boot is a 9inch boot. Being 9inch it offers more ankle support then most boots. This is a good thing as it will support the ankles and you are much less likely to twist it. The Robusta Travertino GTX boot has full grain leather. Full grain leather is great as it is high grade and real. This makes the boot more durable and easier to clean and maintain. The boots have Gore-Tex technology. This makes the boot fully waterproof but at the same time makes it breathable. Most waterproof boots are not that breathable but this boot with Gore-Tex technology keeps your feet dry and aired out. This will get your feet comfortable in any conditions that get throw at you. The sole unit in the boot is a special A.D.E sole system. This is a nice touch as it is designed for comfort and to be slip resistant. We the last thing a police officer needs on shift is to be slipping all over the place. The Robusta Travertino GTX boot has a heel and ankle protector that is designed to protect your foot from any sudden impact. This helps as you will not get any injury on your feet.

All in all I feel that the Robusta Travertino GTX boot was designed with a police officers job in mind. I think it is a boot that is defiantly getting.


┬áRobusta Travertino GTX boot – a view from some else in the job

A colleague of mind also tried these boots while on shift. here you can read what he thinks about them so you do not get bored of me talking about them. He had them for two weeks and here is what he said about them


“After a week of ‘on the beat’ abuse the boots coped well and although they may not feel as lightweight as some other offerings, if you need a solid duty boot with good ankle support and waterproofing they seem to be a good option. The boots themselves were off good quality construction and they look like they’ll survive a healthy amount of abuse. My only advise to purchasers would be try on the boots before you buy as it would appear the off the shelf sizing is slightly on the tight side.”

As you can see the boots did cope well just bear in mind bout the sizing.

Robusta Travertino GTX boot- Where can I get a pair in the U.K?

The only place I could fine this boot is Like I said in the previous post I could only find the Robusta boot range here.


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