Robusta Marmol GTX boot- Review

Robusta Marmol GTX boot

In this post I am going to review the Robusta Marmol GTX boot. As a whole Robusta boots are new to the U.K market. As a brand Robusta is 15 years old. Robusta boots are made in all made in Spain. Robusta boots have been issued to many police and Military forces in the E.U. in this post I am going to explain why this boot brand has been so successful with its boots even though as a boot company they are still very young.


Robusta Marmol GTX boot- Introduction

Now lets talk about the Robusta Marmol GTX boot. At first glance the boot looks amazing. It has a design to it that just looks like it can do the job. The look was very popular among my colleagues. The Robusta Marmol GTX boot was designed for the Spanish BTP. This means the boot was designed for a sole focus on police officers on duty.


Robusta Marmol GTX boot – Spec.

The Robusta Marmol GTX boot has got a lot of technology and it all helps you when you are on duty. The Robusta Marmol GTX boot is a 9inch boot. This offers more ankle support so while running you are less likely to twist your ankle, this is great on uneven ground. The 9inch ankle height also has a ankle pad built in to it. This offers protection from any impact on robusta-Marmol-GTX-bootthe ankle. The boot is made from full grain leather and a nylon panel. The full grain leather is great as it is high grade and will not wear quick. The Robusta Marmol GTX boot is completely waterproof even with the nylon panel this is beacuse in contains Gore-Tex (GTX) technology. This technology is fully Waterproof but it keeps the boot breathable as well. This is a huge factor as your feet will stay nice and cool as well as staying dry. The sole is a A.D.E sole which is made to have traction as well as being comfortable. This is great as well as being nice and comfy, we have no worry of slipping over at all. The Robusta Marmol GTX boot has a P.U heel. This is for comfort and protection as it reduces any impact from any sudden shock or impact on the heel. This stops any injury that may occur on shift. The best feature of the Robusta Marmol GTX boot is the insole. The insole contain little bumps which are designed to regulate blood flow in the foot. This means you foot will not get that numb feeling after a long period on shift. It is also great as it feels like your feet are getting message while on shift.


┬áRobusta Marmol GTX boot – where can I get them from?

In all I suggest everyone tries a pair of these as they are great. These boots are a bit cheaper then the high end boots but come with all the same features. If you want to try a pair the only place I can find them in the U.K is Patrolstore. I advise you go there and get a pair.


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