Robusta Gore-Tex boots – scientific footwear without the massive cost

Robusta Gore-Tex boots

Established in 2000, Robusta have excelled in the manufacture of Safety and Occupational Footwear.

Robusta Gore-Tex boots are worn by many people operating in hazardous occupations and Robusta Gore-Tex boots are a well-respected manufacturer of shoes and boots designed specifically for those working in Police and Security environments as well for Military personnel.

Robusta Gore-Tex boots – standards?

All Robusta Gore-Tex boots and shoes designed for the police, military and security sector are tested to and meet stringent European Safety Standards.

The Robusta Gore-Tex boots for the police and security sector covers models from the Expert Gore-Tex, Special Desert and Special Motorcycle range of boots.

Robusta Gore-Tex boots – do they have style?

The Robusta Gore-Tex boots range of covers many styles from shoe to boot and all are made with the best raw materials, such as full grain cowhide, and maximum thought to the comfort of the wearer, the foot bed of the boot being ergonomic designed, highly absorbent and breathable. Padded and shaped specially aim to stimulate bloodstream.

Robusta safety shoes are also antistatic and antibacterial.

Many Robusta Gore-Tex boots come with additional options when ordering. For example, on some models you can choose to have an anti-perforation steel or textile midsole, steel or non-metallic toe cap and toe cap and anti-perforation midsole.

As you can see from the range and options, Robusta Scientific Footwear is already a popular choice in Europe and are bound to make a big impression in the UK. If they do not make a massive impression I would be very surprised.

Robusta Gore-Tex boots- why do they use Gore-Tex?

Robusta as a brand needed a fully water proof technology in there boots while also being very breathable. They chose the best technology you can get in that area and selected Gore-Tex.Gore-Tex as well as being breathable and fully Waterproof,has to be durable. This means as a boot manufacturer if you want to use Gore-Tex you have to use the best quality materials in your product.

If you are making a leather boot you have to use full grain leather that is durable and flexible and at the same time will not fail. This is great as you can rely on the boots on shift with out any problems.

Where can I get a pair of Robusta Gore-Tex boots?

Robusta Gore-Tex boots are designed in Spain. They are not that Known in the U.K at the moment. There is only one place you can get these boots in the U.K and that is Patrolstore.

Patrol Store stocks a range of Robusta shoes and boots from Robusta Scientific Footwear’s range of industry safety shoes.

As Patrolstore is amied at the Police Market the Robusta Gore-Tex boots they have in stock are perfect for duty. I advise you give these boots ago they are cheaper then the massive brands and may look at bit basic but they are anything but that.

See our new posts for further product descriptions and further information on Robusta Gore-Tex boots.

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