Robusta Circon GTX boot- review

 Robusta Circon GTX boot

In this post I am going to be reviewing a pair of Robusta Circon GTX boot. Robusta boots are new to the U.K market. They have been in the E.U since 2000. Robusta boots are issued to many police forces and armed forces in the E.U but I will not be surprised if you have not heard of them at all. The robusta Circon GTX boot is there main patrol boot.

 Robusta Circon GTX boot- Introduction

The Robusta Circon GTX boot has been designed with patrolling mind. The boot looks like a basic boot, a plain black all leather boot. I myself quite like the look as it is nice and simple and with it being all leather it is easy to clean and shine up when needed. The Robusta Circon GTX boot has a deep set sole which looks like it will last a long time before you need new boots. Look wise the Robusta Circon GTX boot is simple but has good reasons for selecting this look.

Robusta Circon GTX boot – Spec

The Robusta Circon GTX boot has a lot of technology in it for the price you would pay for the boot. The GTX in the name of the boot means it is a Gore-Tex boot. Having Gore-Tex in the boot make the boot fully waterproof as well as breathable. This is great as on duty you will have nice cool dry feet. No one likes having wet feet, no one.

The Circon also has a A.D.E sole system which is designed to give traction and comfort for a long period of time. This is great as you can give chase without worrying about falling over at all. The sole also has a non bending sysetem. This sounds bad at first but is actually designed to prevent one of the most common injuries while wearing boots. This sole system stops the foot from twisting under lateral torsion which stops injuries in the foot.

The Robusta Circon GTX boot also contains a shock absorbingheel which is great as it protects the heel from taking any direct  from falls.

The insole on this boot has little bobbles on it. At first I was not to sure about this but after walking in them for a while I realised that they actually message your feet while you are walking. The reason the boot does this is to keep the blood flowing in your feet as well as the air getting around the boot to keep it fresh.

The Robusta Circon GTX boot has great spec that will suit all police offers and is perfect for duty.

Robusta Circon GTX boot- Where can I get them?robusta boots

The Robusta Circon GTX boot is made in Spain and you will not find them in many places in the U.K. I could only find one store that sells these boots and that is I think they have them exclusively to the U.K but don’t take my word on that. At £85 I think these boots are great. They have the right spec, look and price for all police officers.


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