Responder boots – The best if on a low budget

Responder boots – How did they come about?

Responder boots is a brand that have not been around that long at all. In fact as a brand they have only been around 3 years at the time of this blog. Responder boots were formed in October 2012 by an ex U.K police officer Mike Lupson. His aim was to make a boot that was fit for purpose but also in a budget. The reason this idea came to him was his well-established boots had failed him while on pursuit. They leaked in water and split during the chase of a suspect on a muddy field. Mike set about doing some research and found his colleagues had the same issue. He then decided to design his own boot. He used his experience as a police officer to make the boots were ready to meet any challenges an officer may face while on patrol.

Following a lot of research and development Responder Footwear Ltd was formed and there main boot was released and was called the RF/1.


Responder boots – RF/1 boot


The Responder RF/1 boot was designed as a boot that all a police officer would need but at the same time be in a police officers budget. The RF/1 one boot has a nice simple look to it. It is full grain plain looking boot which is great for everyone. It looks professional and is a European certified boot for Occupational footwear. This means the boots has been tested and met the EU requirement to be used as footwear so you can rely on it not letting you down during a patrol. The RF/1 Responder boot comes with a side zip as standard so after a long shift you can get them off quickly and relax your feet and we all know how great that feeling is.

I think this is a great boot and it defiantly is designed with Police officers duty and wallet in mind. I mean you get all the spec and you can get the RF/1 boot for as little as £39.99. AMAZING!!

But please don’t just take my word for it check this review out by another office pleased with these boots:

“………Having had several foot pursuits, in extreme conditions against those wearing trainers, I have all the confidence that these boots give superb grip when jumping and running extremely fast. I am also a TACT advanced driver and have had a number of pursuits in a vehicle, whereby the Responder Tactical Patrol Boot gave me precise feedback through the pedals – it is therefore a brilliant choice of footwear whether your are a police driver or on foot patrol.

As it is often said, the number one tool of a police officer is to have comfortable boots, these boots are the perfect template of what a boot should be……”Responder boots


 Responder boots – where can I get a pair?


Responder boots a boot made on a budget so police officers can easily buy a pair. I advise anyone to at least try getting a pair of these, You will not be let down at all by these boots. There a load of places you can get these boots but I got mine from Patrolstore. If you are an officer on a budget I would advise these Fantastic Responder boots.

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