Lace up boots VS Side zip boots – What is the best?

Lace up boots VS Side zip boots

In this post I am going to talk about which is better Lace up boots or Side zip boots. This battle has been going on for some time. I have been asked to write this a give me verdict on the matter many times. So which is better Lace up boots or side zip boots?


Lace up boots VS Side zip boots – Battle

Many times I get asked “what do you prefer?” Lace up or side zip. Well I am going to go though the advantages and disadvantages of both and select my winner.

Lace up boots advantages –

  • You can control how tight the boot is around your ankle. this is good as some people have smaller ankles than others
  • Laces rarely get stuck.
  • a Lace up boot has been around for a very long time as it is trusted.
  • Laces can be repaired or replaced. It is cheap and easy to do.

Lace up boots disadvantages – 

  • Knots. Every one hates them. when after a long shift you want to take your boots off and a knot happens.
  • Laces going. Even though they are easy to replace and cheap, it is still annoying.
  • Longer to take off than a side zip boot.
  • Less room to actually get your feet in to the boots.

Side zip boots advantages –

  • Quickly do them up and get them on
  • More room around the top of the boot
  • You can take them off a bit quicker then lace up boots. This is great after a long shift.

Side Zip boots disadvantages –

  • It may get stuck. It is a zip……
  • Waterproofing can be a bit of an issue
  • It may slide down and undo while on patrol
  • The inside of the boot may get damage easily as you put them on


Lace up boots VS side zip boots – And the winner is…….

As you can see from the list. It is very hard to chose a out and out winner. There is not much in it at all. My winner is Lace up boots. The reason why I choose lace up boots over side zip boots is because a lace up boot is more reliable in all aspects. There is a slim chance a lace up boot will go wrong on you and even if it does it may only be little issue. If the zip on the side of the boot goes wrong then you will not be able to wear the boot properly and will not offer support of the ankle if you manage to bodge it. Lace up boots have also got an advantage on the speed front. A lot of boots have quick hooks which are better for the boot then a side zip and are just as quick to get on and off. This of course is my choice, you may have your own. If I wanted to get a boot that was easy on and off I would go for a lace up boot with a quick hook system.


Lace up boots with Quick Hook system

Quick hook system

Kombat UK Patrol Boots – A very good budget patrol boot

Kombat UK Patrol Boots – Introduction

You may have not heard of Kombat UK as they mainly do military kit. They have released the Kombat UK Patrol boots and they are not to be sniffed at. Kombat UK have a wide range kit and normally it is on a very affordable budget. None of there items will cost you out of buying it. This does not mean it does not have quality because it does. The kit is designed by ex forces members so they know it needs to be good. In this post I will be going through the boots and what I liked about the Kombat UK patrol boots.


Kombat UK Patrol Boots – The Look

The Look of the boot is quite plain. It is your bog standard leather and nylon patrol boot that has been a favourite look for many years. The leather can be polished easy to have a smart profession look to it. The tough nylon panels on the side of the boots and to allow more air in and make the boot stay at a comfortable temperature. The top of the Kombat UK Patrol boots are made of suede. This is to offer more comfort on the top of the ankle. It also stop the boot from digging in to the skin. All in all the look does not give it the “WOW” factor but they still look very professional.


Kombat UK Patrol Boots – What do I get?

The boot has a bit more technology in the boot then you think. The leather and nylon are both made with a water resistant material. They are not waterproof but you should only get wet feet walking in a deep puddle. The inner lining of the boot is Thinsulate. This is thin but still has the technology to keep your feet warm in winter months. The sole is made form a PU rubber and has a steel shank in it to offer a lot of support underfoot. The sole has been designed to have maximum grip even on a uneven surface. This is great as we know our terrain can change at any time no matter where we are. The eyelets on the boot has been made to be so they can be tied up quickly and released quickly. This is a great feeling after a long shift. This boot has a customer feature where if you do not like the in sole you can just change it for one you do. I think this is a great idea and offers people there own level of comfort.



Kombat UK Patrol Boots


Kombat UK Patrol Boots – Where to get a pair and how much!?

Kombat UK Patrol boots are sold in many places in the U.K. you can get a pair from nearly every stockist in the country so where did I get my pair?. I went to The reason I went there is because they are selling them for only £25.99!!! How could I turn that down. For a pair of boots like the Kombat UK Patrol Boots selling for that price I could not say no. If you are on a budget grab your self a pair or two or even three now!!!




Magnum Lynx 6 Boot – A great ankle patrol boot

Magnum Lynx 6 Boot – Introduction

Magnum have come up with a new range called the Magnum Lynx boots. In this post I am going to talk about the Magnum Lynx 6 boot. This Magnum boot is a little different from the most I have spoken about. It is a 6 inch patrol boot. Lower cut Patrol boots actually are better for different jobs and roles in the police. In this post I am going to explain how and will be talking about the Magnum Lynx 6 boot as well.


Magnum Lynx 6 boot – The Look

The Magnum Lynx 6 boot has the same modern looks as the other boots in the range. It is all leather with nylon on the side and top of the boot. The nylon is designed to look a bit like carbon but it is not. The sole on the boot is medium sized and looks really good with the boot. The boot is a 6 inch boot which means is is shorter on then ankle as you can see by the picture. I like the look of the Magnum Lynx range and with the boot being shorter I thought it may look out of place but it does not. The boot still looks as professional like all Magnum boots.

Magnum Lynx 6


The Magnum Lynx 6 boot – What does the boot have in it?

The Magnum lynx range has a wide range of technology in it. The nylon is very durable, this means the boots will last you a long time. As well as the Nylon being durable it is also very breathable to help your feet stay nice and dry. The boot contains a foam padded collar to make the boot more comfortable while you are on patrol even for a long time. Inside the boot it has a lining that is fast wicking this helps keep your feet cool and dry with the help with the breathable nylon panels you can guarantee your feet will be happy for the whole shift. The Magnum Lynx 6 boot is a very good all round patrol boot you will not be disappointed with it.


Magnum Lynx 6 – Why a 6 Inch boot?

A lot of officers I know do not like a 6 inch boots. The main reason is ankle support a 8 inch boot does offer you a lot more ankle support but that does not mean a 6 inch boot is bad for you. If you are in a role mainly office based or you are driving a lot a 6 inch boot is a fantastic choice for you. It allows your feet to breath a lot. With driving it does not make your ankle tight so you can control the pedals easier. A 6 inch boot is great for Women as there ankles are smaller they lose no support and will feel a lot more comfortable in a 6 inch boot then 8 inch.


Magnum Lynx 6 – Where can I get A pair?

With all Magnum boots always go to a Magnum Elite stockist as they will have the correct information and stock. I got my pair of Magnum Lynx 6 boots at Patrolstore. If you are looking to get a pair go there.

Magnum Classic Boot – Classic style, new technologies

The Magnum Classic Boot – Introduction

The Magnum classic boot has been redesigned. It has the same Magnum classic look but with new Magnum technology. In this post I am going to talk about the new Magnum Classic and is it going to be as good as the old one.


Magnum Classic boot – The Look

The Magnum Classic boot has a very similar look to the old classic that was designed in the 1980s. It simple terms it has a plain and professional look to it. It has leather on the front and back of the boot. The rest of the boot is made with tough durable nylon which means it is one of the best at keeping your feet nice and cool. Every one loved the old classic look and you will not be disappointed with this boot as it look very much the same. You can see it was defiantly based of the old 1980s boot just by taking a quick look at it.


Magnum Classic boot – The New Specification

The New Classic boot is full of New Magnum Specification. This is all been put in to make the boot a better patrol boot for everyone. It has been designed with the end user in mind with the technology to make you and your feet happier on patrol. The Magnum classic is lighter then the old classic by 10%. This makes it an extremely light boot on your feet. The boot has an improved under foot by using an EVA wedge. This was not on the old version so would hurt your feet over time. The Tongue on the new Magnum Classic boot is made from a padded foam which make it a lot more comfortable on the wearer. The boot is made of rustproof hardware so the boot will not wear over time which makes it more durable. The new Magnum classic boot comes with a TPU reinforced toe box which gives the wearer added protection. The inner lining is a cambrelle lining which makes the boot stay cool as it has a moisture wicking technology. The steel shank in this boot supports and maintains the shape of the boot which makes the boot more durable and less likely to wear. This is a great added factor as we know on patrol you can get though a lot of boots. All in all the added technology to a much love boot is only a good thing and makes this boot a better version to the classic.


Magnum Classic boot – Where should I get a pair?

With all Magnum boots I would always advise to go to a Magnum Elite stockist as they know the most and always have the stock. I got my Magnum Classic boots from Patrolstore for only £44.99 and at that price what a bargain!!! I advise you go there quickly and get a pair they are worth much more then that. If you loved the old Magnum Classic boots I am sure you will love the new ones just as much if not more.



Magnum Classic deal with Patrolstore

Haix Airpower P6 GTX – A hard wearing patrol boot

Haix Airpower P6 GTX – Introduction

Haix have a range of footwear call the Haix Airpower range. In this post I am going to talk about the Haix Airpower P6 GTX. This boot is not very known in the U.K at the moment and you will not see many around. This is ashame as if people knew about this boot I am sure more people would have a pair. I am going to go though the reasons why I think the Haix Airpower P6 GTX boot could be a top patrol boot in the U.K.


Haix Airpower P6 GTX – The look

At first glance the Haix Airpower P6 GTX boot looks very rugged boot. It has being designed by the Haix to be a patrol boot and you can tell that from the look. It has a mixture of leather and nylon. The boot has leather on most areas and there is nylon on the tongue, side and the top of the boot. The eyelets are a solid metal and look really durable plus there is not that many to fiddle with when putting the boot on. I can guarantee you will love the look of this boot. Haix have done a fantastic job on this look wise.


Haix Airpower


Haix Airpower P6 GTX – The Technology

Haix is a German brand and with most German things in the world they lover there technology and craftsmanship. The Haix Airpower P6 GTX boot if full of Technology to make your shift more comfortable and easier. The boot has been crafter with the best materials available. The nylon is really tough and durable. The leather is the highest quality leather you can make on a boot. This make the boot one of the highest quality boots you can get on the market today. The boot is fully waterproof this achieved by using a gore-tex® lining. This is great as well as being fully waterproof the boot is also fully breathable so your feet stay at the right temperate though out your shift. The boot also has sun reflect technology which keeps the feet cool even in the hottest summer days. The sole unit is designed to be comfortable and to absorb any shock impact. It does this using a by using an anatomically formed last. This helps while doing the job as it is important to be comfortable and injury free. The boot has open hook eyelets so it is easy to get the boots on and off. The technology in the Haix Airpower P6 GTX boot is second to none. It has also been designed with being on patrol in mind.

Haix Airpower P6 GTX – where can I get a pair?

The Haix Airpower P6 GTX boot in stock in a few places in the U.K. I found a few pairs easy but as I am a boot geek I wanted to go to a trustworthy place. I found Patrolstore had all the information I wanted about Haix plus if I wanted to get all the accessories I could get them there. I advise any one who Patrols regularly to get a pair of the Haix Airpower P6 GTX boots.





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