Magnum Stealth Force 6 Women’s Boot – A new option for Woman Officers

Magnum Stealth Force Womens Boots

Magnum Stealth Force 6 Women’s Boot – An introduction

Magnum have released a boot that is perfect for a women. It is call the Magnum Stealth Force 6 Women’s Boot. You may have heard of the Magnum Stealth force range already. You would not be wrong to think as the Magnum stealth force range has been around for a good few years. The range mainly contains Safety standard boots. This is so you can work on building sits which police officers don’t really need. So Magnum released a version designed for Women with out a toe cap and the result is great.


Magnum Stealth Force 6 Women’s boot– The Look

The look of this boot was particularly important as it has to look like a women’s boot. The added difficult for a design point of view is that it also had to look appealing to women. Most boots on the market are big and chunky for a lot of women but Magnum haver got rid of that for this boot and made a slim and small ankle boot but with the added professional touch Magnum always adds to there boots. The boot is a leather and nylon boot which allow the boot to also be more flexible as well which I think is great.





magnum stealth force women's 6 boots




Magnum Stealth Force Women’s Boot – The Tech Spec.

Magnum have put a lot of good technology in this boot. The first thing I am going to talk about is what makes it a women’s boot. The foot bed of this boot is made to a women’s foot. This means it is narrower and smaller and will fit to a women’s foot like a glove. The ankle height is smaller to fit to a women’s ankle which in naturally lower down then a man’s ankle. The lining in the boot is a Cambrelle┬«. This Lining keeps the boots moisture free, so sweaty, hot feet does not happen. This is a nice add on as it can be a nightmare having uncomfortable feet while working. The insole is a Magnum M-P.A.CT insole. This insole has a 3 layer memory foam insole which makes the feet so comfortable. The whole boot is made of non-Metallic hard wear. This means the boots will not set of any metal detectors. This saves a lot of time while on shift and is great for Airport based staff. The sole is a slip resistant X-traction sole. This sole has very good grip so you don’t have to worry about slipping all over the place during a chase. All in all I think these boots have been made to make you feel comfortable and have the perfect for a woman.



Magnum Stealth Force Women’s Boot – Where to get a pair?

I have looked in a few places for this boot even Magnum themselves and they do not even sell them. Doing some research on the boot and it turns out there is only one stockist of this fantastic boot in the U.K. This is If you want to get a pair of the Magnum Stealth force Women’s boots I advise you go there.










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