Magnum Lynx 6 Boot – A great ankle patrol boot

Magnum Lynx 6

Magnum Lynx 6 Boot – Introduction

Magnum have come up with a new range called the Magnum Lynx boots. In this post I am going to talk about the Magnum Lynx 6 boot. This Magnum boot is a little different from the most I have spoken about. It is a 6 inch patrol boot. Lower cut Patrol boots actually are better for different jobs and roles in the police. In this post I am going to explain how and will be talking about the Magnum Lynx 6 boot as well.


Magnum Lynx 6 boot – The Look

The Magnum Lynx 6 boot has the same modern looks as the other boots in the range. It is all leather with nylon on the side and top of the boot. The nylon is designed to look a bit like carbon but it is not. The sole on the boot is medium sized and looks really good with the boot. The boot is a 6 inch boot which means is is shorter on then ankle as you can see by the picture. I like the look of the Magnum Lynx range and with the boot being shorter I thought it may look out of place but it does not. The boot still looks as professional like all Magnum boots.

Magnum Lynx 6


The Magnum Lynx 6 boot – What does the boot have in it?

The Magnum lynx range has a wide range of technology in it. The nylon is very durable, this means the boots will last you a long time. As well as the Nylon being durable it is also very breathable to help your feet stay nice and dry. The boot contains a foam padded collar to make the boot more comfortable while you are on patrol even for a long time. Inside the boot it has a lining that is fast wicking this helps keep your feet cool and dry with the help with the breathable nylon panels you can guarantee your feet will be happy for the whole shift. The Magnum Lynx 6 boot is a very good all round patrol boot you will not be disappointed with it.


Magnum Lynx 6 – Why a 6 Inch boot?

A lot of officers I know do not like a 6 inch boots. The main reason is ankle support a 8 inch boot does offer you a lot more ankle support but that does not mean a 6 inch boot is bad for you. If you are in a role mainly office based or you are driving a lot a 6 inch boot is a fantastic choice for you. It allows your feet to breath a lot. With driving it does not make your ankle tight so you can control the pedals easier. A 6 inch boot is great for Women as there ankles are smaller they lose no support and will feel a lot more comfortable in a 6 inch boot then 8 inch.


Magnum Lynx 6 – Where can I get A pair?

With all Magnum boots always go to a Magnum Elite stockist as they will have the correct information and stock. I got my pair of Magnum Lynx 6 boots at Patrolstore. If you are looking to get a pair go there.

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