Magnum Boots – The favourite among the U.K Police for the past 25 years for a reason

Magnum Boots UK's Favourite For 25 Years

Magnum Boots

Magnum boots are the most popular brand among police officers in the U.K. They havebeen the most selected police boot in the past 25 years. The reason they are the favourites is because a wide range of options and spec.

In this post I am going to go through the different reasons to why Magnum boots are the best.

Magnum Boots UK Police Favourite

Magnum Boots UK Police Favourite

Magnum Boots For Comfort

All boots in the Magnum boot range are designed to be comfortable as soon as you put them on your feet.

They use a wide range of technology to do this from 3DMax Footbeds to designing the boot to a running shoe last.

3DMax foot beds are deigned to fit to your feet as you wear them in.

Designing the boots to a trainers last makes the boot more light weight and softer on the feet. Whichis great for being on your feet all day which makes Magnum boots the perfect Police Boots.

Magnum Boots Offer Great Prices And Value

Magnum make boots that are priced to fit all police officers budgets.

Due to Police officers not getting issued boots any more this is a common problem among police officers. Magnum boots Range from £40-£100+.

You can guarantee Magnum have a great, quality police boot in your budget.

Magnum Boot Specs

Magnum design high quality boots, and all have a wide range of Specs for there police boots.

If you need a Waterproof Boot, they have it. If you need a metal Free boot, they have it.

If you need the police boots that are EN certified most of there boots are.

If you want a boot that comes off the feet quickly after a long shift,Magnum have got you covered as they make loads of boots with a Side Zip option.

A lot of Magnum Boots use a Vibram sole unit. Vibram are known to make the best sole units in the world using a wide range of specific rubbers and compounds.

Magnum Accessories

Magnum boots have a wide range of accessories for your boots.

Magnum boots have shoe polish, Spare Laces and if you have non side zip Magnum boot you can make them a zip boot with the Magnum boots lace-in 8 zipper.

Magnum Guarantee

Magnum boots are so confident in there boots that all Magnum police boots have a 12 month comfort guarantee.

This means your Magnum boots will last twelve months and if they do not you can claim under warranty for them.

This is great for police officers that have to invest in there own boots, as they can rely on them for at least a year.

Magnum Boots Are Always In Stock

Magnum Boots are almost always in stock with there elite stockist. I advise to go to Patrolstore to purchase your Magnum boots.

They are an elite stockist of Magnum boots and have a wide range in stock and some exclusive Magnums you cannot get anywhere else. Patrolstore also offer a great delivery service that is why I like using them.



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