Lowa Z8N Boot – A new design and material

Lowa Z8N boot – Introduction

Lowa have released a new boot. It is called the Lowa Z8N boot. This Lowa boot is different from the rest. In this post I am going to talk about how and what makes the Lowa Z8N boot different from the rest. The difference is massive in most parts but still based on a high end patrol Lowa always seem to deliver.


Lowa Z8N boot – The Look

I am going to start on the look, as this boot is clearly different from most if not all other tactical boots on the market today. The Lowa Z8N boot is an pugraded version of the old Lowa Zephyr boot. You can see this in the look of the Z8N boot. It looks similar and has the funky plastic part on the side of the boot with is a famous trait of the old Lowa Zephyr boot. When looking at the boot the other thing that will catch you eye straight away is the leather of the boot. The leather is made of “nubuck” buffalo leather. This leather has a different finish from most other leather boots. The look makes the boot look more softer and funky. The reason the boot has been designed like this is because the idea was that military and police needed a dual boot. A boot that has the lightweight hiking ability and at the same time had a very tactical edge and the Lowa Z8N boot was born and made to look like this.

Lowa Z8N BootLowa Z8N boot – The technology in the boot

This Lowa boot is full with a lot of technology. The first thing about this boot it contains Gore-Tex technology that means the boot is fully waterproof and built with the highest quality materials available. The boot is very lightweight and very comfortable straight from the off. The reason for the comfort is the inner lining is made by Gore-Tex and is called performance comfort. As the name suggest it is designed for comfort. The sole is designed to be a cross sole. This means it will be affective in many different jobs and all different types of terrain. The leather is very tough and durable which is very important as we like our boots to last a very long time. The top of the heel is made of the world famous Codura® fabric. This fabric is one of the toughest nylon in the market today and will not let you down. The Lowa Z8N boot has fantastic specification and will not let you down.


Lowa Z8N boot – Where can I get a pair?

Lowa is a brand that is so popular worldwide. It is not hard to find a pair of the new Lowa Z8N boots. My strong advise will always go somewhere that is trusted by Lowa and know a bit about what they are selling. I always go to Patrolstore they know what they are talking about when it comes to the correct boots for the correct job.





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