Lowa Uplander GTX boot – A great lightweight boot that is fully waterproof

Lowa Uplander GTX boot

Lowa Uplander GTX boot – Introduction

In this post I am going to talk about the Lowa Uplander GTX boot. Lowa boots have been around for many years and are getting more and more popular among police officers. Lowa boots have been a favourite among military people for a long time and now police officers are getting more and more in to them. The only issue with the most popular Lowa boots are the weight of them. This is where the Lowa Uplander GTX boot comes in to play. In this post I am going explain why these boots have possible have changed the weight issue on Lowa boots.


Lowa Uplander GTX boot- Intro

The Lowa Uplander GTX boot is a full grain leather boot with a closed hook system. The look of the boot is great. It is 90% full grain leather with tough, durable nylon at the top. This Nylon makes the boot a lot more softer at the top of the boot. The boot looks profession and smart. This books looks wise is one of the best you can get.

Lowa Uplander GTX boot- What makes this boot great?

This Lowa boot has some amazing Spec. and still manages to stay lightweight. It does this using a wide range of technology. The Lowa Uplander GTX boot is fully waterproof. It has a Gore-Tex lining in the boot which stops any water from getting inside the boot at the same time it allows hot warm air from the boot to get out. This helps you stay nice a comfortable while you are on patrol as your feet stay dry but at the right temperature as well.

The Lowa Uplander GTX boot has a very good sole unit. It has a vibramĀ® sole unit which is designed to last and not make you slip while doing a shift. The sole unit on the Uplander boot is deigned to be used on all types of terrain. The Lowa Uplander GTX boot is constructed using a technique called “injected” this means the sole and the boot are injected in to each over. This makes the boot last longer as there is no glue so it will not wear much over time. This is an amazing touch as we like our boots to last us.


The best is the fact the boots only weigh 1268 g/pair that is 634 g a boot. That is really light compared to the most popular Lowa Patrol, Lowa Mountain and the Lowa Combat boots. If you are looking for a lightweight high quality patrol boot get these!!!


Lowa Uplander GTX boots – Where can I get them?

These boots are sold in many places in the U.K. I like to go to a place I can trust but at the same time are not to expensive. I would advise that you get the Lowa Uplander GTX boot from Patrolstore. You can either speak to them on the phone or order on-line. If you want to try the boots first you can go to there main office.




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