Lowa Elite Light boot – The best light weight patrol boot?

Lowa Elite Light boot

Lowa Elite Light boot – Introduction

The Lowa Elite light boot is a fantastic addition to the Lowa boot range. This boot is different in many different ways to the average Lowa boot. The Lowa Elite light boot was the first in Lowa new lightweight range of boots. Even though it was the first it will be hard to get any better then this. You will be able to get different but it will be very hard to get better. In this post I am going to explain how these are different and why these might be the perfect light weight patrol boot on the market for all police officers.


Lowa Elite Light boot – The Look

The Lowa Elite light boot has a fantastic look to it. It has the design of a combat boot and jungle it to one. The boot is all leather which adds to the professional look it has. It has simple black metal eyelets which do not look out of place on a all leather boot. I think this boot is one of the nicest looking boot on the market today.


Lowa Elite Light boot – The Specification

This is the best part about these boots. The Specification is all on being a light weight patrol boot and it works really well. Lets go through the Spec. of the Lowa Elite Light boot. The boot is constructed using a cemented sole unit. This means the sole has been glued on to the boot this is the lightest way to make a boot. The Lowa Elite light boot is full grain leather that is 2.2 mm in all areas of the boot. This is great as full grain leather is easy to clean and maintain. So after a while when you get a chance to clean the boots it will be done in no time. The Lacing system is a open hook system. This makes the boot easy to get on and off. Getting boots off quickly after a long shift is the best feeling in the world some times. The lining inside the boot is called Vitatex which is designed to keep your feet nice a cool and allow air out which makes your feet stay nice and comfortable. The Lowa Elite Light boot has a vibram sole unit which is the best sole brand on the market. This means if you get a pair theywill last you.

The best thing about this boot is the weight. Only 1.2KG a pair for a full leather boot is amazing I guarantee you will be amazed by how light these boots really are.


Lowa Elite Light boot – Where can I try a pair?

I would suggest you would try a pair of these boots if you are looking for a light weight patrol boot. The Lowa Elite Light boot is one of the most lightest, flexible and comfortable patrol boots I have ever owned. The boots were really easy to look after and look very durable. You will not be disappointed.



Lowa Elite Light boot





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