Lowa boots patrol – The best patrol boot ever?

Lowa boots Patrol

Is this post I am going to ask the question, is the Lowa boots patrol the best patrol boot on the market. I am sure everyone has heard of this boot either they have a pair or know someone that does. The name Lowa is big in the police boots world and only getting bigger.


Lowa boots patrol – Look

The Lowa boots patrol has a nice all leather look to it. It is a wide looking combat boot. It has big hook eyelets and a rubber bit that goes around the boot, this is here for a a very good reason. I have not heard of many people that think this boot is ugly. I think the Lowa boots patrol is a smart looking boot. No senior rank or manager will moan at you for having these for work due to the look.

Lowa boots patrol – Specification

The Lowa boots patrol has a wide range of technology that will make your patrol a lot easier on your feet. The boot is a full grain leather boot. This makes the boot easier to clean and maintain. This leather will also last much longer then most so the boots will last a long time. This is great as we like our boots lasting a long time. The boots have a easy on/off hook system. This is quicker then any side zip system I have tried to date. The Lowa boots patrol takes me seconds to take on and off, this is amazing after a very long shift. The lowa boots patrol is very water resistant not waterproof but this is good if you are looking for a cooler boot.


The Lining in the Lowa boots patrol is made of Cambrelle. this might not mean much to you but let me explain what it does. It is a synthetic lining that is great in both cold and warm conditions as it insulates in the cold and vents when it is hot. This makes the boot great for all round year wear and also keeps your feet nice and comfortable.

I am saving the biggest and best thing about this boot until last. The sole of the boot is a Vibram Tsavo sole unit. This sole unit is designed to be used on all terrains with out loosing its grip. This is great if the chase starts in town but ends up in a farm. This sole unit is also designed to be resoled with ease. If you buy this boot the idea is once the sole has worn down you send them away to get resoled. This could make the boot last about 7 years plus. That means even thought the boot is over £100 at the begging in there life you are saving a lot of money.


Lowa boots patrol – bestpatrol boot ever?

The Lowa boots patrol is one of the best patrol boots ever made to my mind. It has all the needs you would like in a patrol boot. It also has a longer life then most boots on the market. I advise you get a pair now!!



Lowa boots patrol



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