Lowa Boots Mountain GTX – An epic pair of boots

Lowa Boots Mountain GTX

Lowa Boots Mountain GTX – Introduction

The Lowa Boots Mountain GTX is on of Lowa’s most popular tactical boots. This boot has proven its self over and over again in all types of situations. It is popular among military personal, police officers and walkers. In this post I am going to talk about the Lowa Boots Mountain GTX and how it is a fantastic police boot know matter what your role consists of.

Lowa Boots Mountain GTX – The look

The Lowa Boots Mountain GTX looks very similar to the Lowa Boots Patrol and the Lowa Boots Combat GTX. It has a German hiking boot design mixed with a combat boot in to one. Being one of the most popular police boots in the U.K the look plays a major part. When you see the boots you can see why they are so popular as they look professional and you can see the high quality. It is all leather with metal hook eyelets. There is also band around the sole which has a very good use and will be explained in the specification of the boot.

Lowa Boots Mountain GTX – Specification

Another amazing part of this boot the Spec. The look is one thing but the Spec is out of this world. The Lowa Boots Mountain GTX boot made with full grain leather. This makes the boot easier to maintain. This is a good thing when you need to clean them it does not take to much of your own time up as we know you may not have that much!!!. The lacing system is a quick on/off hook system so the boots can be taken off or on easy. This is great if you are late or just finished a long shift. The Lowa Boots Mountain GTX is a Gore-Tex┬« lined boot which means that they are fully waterproof but at the same time are fully breathable so your feet do not get all stuff like other waterproof boots will do. Having dry and comfortable feet is very important while on shift as it can make a hard day a little bit better. The sole unit of the Lowa Boots Mountain GTX is a Vibram┬« “Tsavo”. This sole unit has a great slip resistant rating. Its rating is SRA. The other great thing about the sole unit is it is designed for comfort. These boots feel like slippers as soon as you put them on.

I have not forgot about the rubber band around the sole, That band is part of the sole unit. It is there as the sole can be replaced easily. This is great as the Lowa boots Mountain GTX have a long life span. If the sole is thin send the soles away to be replaced and its like having new boots!!!


Lowa Boots Mountain GTX – Should I get a pair?

In short when you are getting new boots for duty. I advise you try and think about these boots. They may be a bit expensive but with the sole being replaced they are a lot cheaper in the long run. so get a pair of the Lowa Boots Mountain GTX here.

Lowa Boots Mounatin GTX

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