Haix Airpower P6 GTX – A hard wearing patrol boot

Haix Airpower P6 GTX – Introduction

Haix have a range of footwear call the Haix Airpower range. In this post I am going to talk about the Haix Airpower P6 GTX. This boot is not very known in the U.K at the moment and you will not see many around. This is ashame as if people knew about this boot I am sure more people would have a pair. I am going to go though the reasons why I think the Haix Airpower P6 GTX boot could be a top patrol boot in the U.K.


Haix Airpower P6 GTX – The look

At first glance the Haix Airpower P6 GTX boot looks very rugged boot. It has being designed by the Haix to be a patrol boot and you can tell that from the look. It has a mixture of leather and nylon. The boot has leather on most areas and there is nylon on the tongue, side and the top of the boot. The eyelets are a solid metal and look really durable plus there is not that many to fiddle with when putting the boot on. I can guarantee you will love the look of this boot. Haix have done a fantastic job on this look wise.


Haix Airpower


Haix Airpower P6 GTX – The Technology

Haix is a German brand and with most German things in the world they lover there technology and craftsmanship. The Haix Airpower P6 GTX boot if full of Technology to make your shift more comfortable and easier. The boot has been crafter with the best materials available. The nylon is really tough and durable. The leather is the highest quality leather you can make on a boot. This make the boot one of the highest quality boots you can get on the market today. The boot is fully waterproof this achieved by using a gore-tex® lining. This is great as well as being fully waterproof the boot is also fully breathable so your feet stay at the right temperate though out your shift. The boot also has sun reflect technology which keeps the feet cool even in the hottest summer days. The sole unit is designed to be comfortable and to absorb any shock impact. It does this using a by using an anatomically formed last. This helps while doing the job as it is important to be comfortable and injury free. The boot has open hook eyelets so it is easy to get the boots on and off. The technology in the Haix Airpower P6 GTX boot is second to none. It has also been designed with being on patrol in mind.

Haix Airpower P6 GTX – where can I get a pair?

The Haix Airpower P6 GTX boot in stock in a few places in the U.K. I found a few pairs easy but as I am a boot geek I wanted to go to a trustworthy place. I found Patrolstore had all the information I wanted about Haix plus if I wanted to get all the accessories I could get them there. I advise any one who Patrols regularly to get a pair of the Haix Airpower P6 GTX boots.





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