Grafters boots- A great choice for the money

Grafters boots

Grafters Boots

Grafters boots are a brand that makes affordable boots no matter what job you are in. Grafters boots are designed to be a great all round boot with none of the high costs you get in other boot brands. This is great for Police officers who now have to buy there own boots. I this post I am going to talk about Grafters boots in more depth.

Grafters Boots- What to expect

Grafters boots like to be lightweight, comfortable and nice looking. Grafters use a wide range of technology in there boots to make them more suitable to the job you have in hand. If you want a waterproof boot they use a technology called Jontex which is great at keeping your feet dry. This is good if you are on duty and it is wet outside. If you are looking for a boot that is warm then they have boots that are thinsulate in the material which is great at keeping feet warm but at the same time comfortable. Most Grafters boots come with a shock absorbing mid-sole. This is in place so if you stamp or jump while wearing them they will absorb most of the shock and will not be to painful on your foot. We know that this is important for duty.A lot of Grafters boots are metal free which is good if you are working at an airport or prison as they will not set off the metal detectors.

 Grafters boots- what type should I get for duty?

Grafters boots come in all shapes and sizes. There range has shoes, boots and ankle boots. If you are looking for a pair of duty boots that will not cost an arm and a leg they will more then likely have a boot you will like. Grafters have named some of there boots police boots in the name. these boots were designed with the police in mind. I am going to talk about these particular boots.




Grafters boots – M668A Grafter-bootsLeather and nylon police boots


The M668A Leather and nylon police boot is excellent for a entry level boot. These 8 inch boots offer good ankle protection and great support due to a mid shank in the boot. The sole is non-slip so when running you will not have to worry about slipping. The lacing system is a speed lace up system which means you can get the boots on quick and off quick which everyone loves after a really long shift.






Grafters sniper 8 waterproof police boot – M482

This grafters police boot has all the same excellent specification as M668A but with one massive difference. That is this boot is fully waterproof using Jointex technology in the boots. This is great if you are looking for a entry level waterproof boot.


 Where can I purchase these boots?

Grafters boots are stocked by many suppliers in the U.K and they can be found pretty much any where. I advise always looking for the best price. The best place I found was Patrolstore. They even have a price promise if you find them cheaper any where else.

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