Dr Martens – A boot that has a history with the police

Dr Martens – History

Dr Martens boots are known around the world as a boot icon, This is mainly due to how popular they become in the 1970s. This is due to the younger generation taking a liking to them and the police being issued the boots during the riots. They were fazed out by the police but they have never died on the fashion and work wear front. Dr Martens were still making the police boots and still are today. In this blog I am going to talk about how Dr Martens still make an amazing police boot.

Dr Martens design

Dr Martens police boots have a nice simple look to them just like most of there fashion boots. Dr Martens police boots have a basic smart look to them. They are plain leather with a little bit of nylon on the side and a smart looking, simple sole. Dr Martens police boots look old school but professional. I can guarantee you will like the look of the boots.


Dr Martens

Dr Martens Marshall Police Boot

Dr Martens specification

Dr Martens police boots have a wide range of specs. to meet all your needs. If you are looking for a waterproof boot, they use Sympatex waterproof lining which is 100% waterproof and breathable as well. This is great as your feet will not get to hot. In some of there boots like the Dr martens Trent boot they use a durable YKK side zip. This gives you a reliable zip, which is great if you want to put your boots on quickly and take them off just as quick. If you are not a massive fan of having a side zip boots but would love to have a boot that comes off quick then you can go for the Dr Martens Marshall boot which has a hook system which works just as well.

Dr Martens Sole

Dr Martens boots as a whole are known around the world for having a fantastic sole unit, this is no different for the police boots they have made. The outsole unit they have made for the Dr Martens police boots is heat resistant to 300C. They have also one of the best sole for being slip resistant. Dr Martens Police boots have one of the perfect soles for police work.

Dr Martens guarantee

Dr Martens Police boots have been made in line with current police officers and security guards. This is so Dr Martens can fully understand the market needs for boots. With this in mind Dr Martens have made sure there boots have a 12 month guarantee against any faults. So you can happily know your boots are protected.

 Where can you get these fantastic Dr martens boots?

Dr Martens tactical police boots are sold by a wide range of suppliers and by Dr Martens themselves. The place I like to go to is Patrolstore.com as they have the widest range in stock and a great delivery service. Don’t just take me word for it I would advise you try them. You will not be disappointed.

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