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Magnum Stealth Force 6 Women’s Boot – A new option for Woman Officers

Magnum Stealth Force 6 Women’s Boot – An introduction

Magnum have released a boot that is perfect for a women. It is call the Magnum Stealth Force 6 Women’s Boot. You may have heard of the Magnum Stealth force range already. You would not be wrong to think as the Magnum stealth force range has been around for a good few years. The range mainly contains Safety standard boots. This is so you can work on building sits which police officers don’t really need. So Magnum released a version designed for Women with out a toe cap and the result is great.


Magnum Stealth Force 6 Women’s boot– The Look

The look of this boot was particularly important as it has to look like a women’s boot. The added difficult for a design point of view is that it also had to look appealing to women. Most boots on the market are big and chunky for a lot of women but Magnum haver got rid of that for this boot and made a slim and small ankle boot but with the added professional touch Magnum always adds to there boots. The boot is a leather and nylon boot which allow the boot to also be more flexible as well which I think is great.





magnum stealth force women's 6 boots




Magnum Stealth Force Women’s Boot – The Tech Spec.

Magnum have put a lot of good technology in this boot. The first thing I am going to talk about is what makes it a women’s boot. The foot bed of this boot is made to a women’s foot. This means it is narrower and smaller and will fit to a women’s foot like a glove. The ankle height is smaller to fit to a women’s ankle which in naturally lower down then a man’s ankle. The lining in the boot is a Cambrelle®. This Lining keeps the boots moisture free, so sweaty, hot feet does not happen. This is a nice add on as it can be a nightmare having uncomfortable feet while working. The insole is a Magnum M-P.A.CT insole. This insole has a 3 layer memory foam insole which makes the feet so comfortable. The whole boot is made of non-Metallic hard wear. This means the boots will not set of any metal detectors. This saves a lot of time while on shift and is great for Airport based staff. The sole is a slip resistant X-traction sole. This sole has very good grip so you don’t have to worry about slipping all over the place during a chase. All in all I think these boots have been made to make you feel comfortable and have the perfect for a woman.



Magnum Stealth Force Women’s Boot – Where to get a pair?

I have looked in a few places for this boot even Magnum themselves and they do not even sell them. Doing some research on the boot and it turns out there is only one stockist of this fantastic boot in the U.K. This is If you want to get a pair of the Magnum Stealth force Women’s boots I advise you go there.










Magnum Lynx 6 Boot – A great ankle patrol boot

Magnum Lynx 6 Boot – Introduction

Magnum have come up with a new range called the Magnum Lynx boots. In this post I am going to talk about the Magnum Lynx 6 boot. This Magnum boot is a little different from the most I have spoken about. It is a 6 inch patrol boot. Lower cut Patrol boots actually are better for different jobs and roles in the police. In this post I am going to explain how and will be talking about the Magnum Lynx 6 boot as well.


Magnum Lynx 6 boot – The Look

The Magnum Lynx 6 boot has the same modern looks as the other boots in the range. It is all leather with nylon on the side and top of the boot. The nylon is designed to look a bit like carbon but it is not. The sole on the boot is medium sized and looks really good with the boot. The boot is a 6 inch boot which means is is shorter on then ankle as you can see by the picture. I like the look of the Magnum Lynx range and with the boot being shorter I thought it may look out of place but it does not. The boot still looks as professional like all Magnum boots.

Magnum Lynx 6


The Magnum Lynx 6 boot – What does the boot have in it?

The Magnum lynx range has a wide range of technology in it. The nylon is very durable, this means the boots will last you a long time. As well as the Nylon being durable it is also very breathable to help your feet stay nice and dry. The boot contains a foam padded collar to make the boot more comfortable while you are on patrol even for a long time. Inside the boot it has a lining that is fast wicking this helps keep your feet cool and dry with the help with the breathable nylon panels you can guarantee your feet will be happy for the whole shift. The Magnum Lynx 6 boot is a very good all round patrol boot you will not be disappointed with it.


Magnum Lynx 6 – Why a 6 Inch boot?

A lot of officers I know do not like a 6 inch boots. The main reason is ankle support a 8 inch boot does offer you a lot more ankle support but that does not mean a 6 inch boot is bad for you. If you are in a role mainly office based or you are driving a lot a 6 inch boot is a fantastic choice for you. It allows your feet to breath a lot. With driving it does not make your ankle tight so you can control the pedals easier. A 6 inch boot is great for Women as there ankles are smaller they lose no support and will feel a lot more comfortable in a 6 inch boot then 8 inch.


Magnum Lynx 6 – Where can I get A pair?

With all Magnum boots always go to a Magnum Elite stockist as they will have the correct information and stock. I got my pair of Magnum Lynx 6 boots at Patrolstore. If you are looking to get a pair go there.

Magnum Classic Boot – Classic style, new technologies

The Magnum Classic Boot – Introduction

The Magnum classic boot has been redesigned. It has the same Magnum classic look but with new Magnum technology. In this post I am going to talk about the new Magnum Classic and is it going to be as good as the old one.


Magnum Classic boot – The Look

The Magnum Classic boot has a very similar look to the old classic that was designed in the 1980s. It simple terms it has a plain and professional look to it. It has leather on the front and back of the boot. The rest of the boot is made with tough durable nylon which means it is one of the best at keeping your feet nice and cool. Every one loved the old classic look and you will not be disappointed with this boot as it look very much the same. You can see it was defiantly based of the old 1980s boot just by taking a quick look at it.


Magnum Classic boot – The New Specification

The New Classic boot is full of New Magnum Specification. This is all been put in to make the boot a better patrol boot for everyone. It has been designed with the end user in mind with the technology to make you and your feet happier on patrol. The Magnum classic is lighter then the old classic by 10%. This makes it an extremely light boot on your feet. The boot has an improved under foot by using an EVA wedge. This was not on the old version so would hurt your feet over time. The Tongue on the new Magnum Classic boot is made from a padded foam which make it a lot more comfortable on the wearer. The boot is made of rustproof hardware so the boot will not wear over time which makes it more durable. The new Magnum classic boot comes with a TPU reinforced toe box which gives the wearer added protection. The inner lining is a cambrelle lining which makes the boot stay cool as it has a moisture wicking technology. The steel shank in this boot supports and maintains the shape of the boot which makes the boot more durable and less likely to wear. This is a great added factor as we know on patrol you can get though a lot of boots. All in all the added technology to a much love boot is only a good thing and makes this boot a better version to the classic.


Magnum Classic boot – Where should I get a pair?

With all Magnum boots I would always advise to go to a Magnum Elite stockist as they know the most and always have the stock. I got my Magnum Classic boots from Patrolstore for only £44.99 and at that price what a bargain!!! I advise you go there quickly and get a pair they are worth much more then that. If you loved the old Magnum Classic boots I am sure you will love the new ones just as much if not more.



Magnum Classic deal with Patrolstore

Magnum Lynx 8.0 Side Zip Boot – One of the quickest

Magnum Lynx 8.0 Side Zip Boot – Introduction

In the last post I spoke about the Magnum Lynx 8.0. Now I am going to talk about the Magnum Lynx 8.0 side zip boots. The Magnum Lynx 8.0 side zip boots are new in the new Magnum range. Magnum just released a new type of boot called the Lynx boot. This has been added to there massive collection. This is a good thing if you are a fan of Magnum boots as now you have even more choice. This boot is on of the quickest boots I have ever used and I will explain what I mean by that in this post.


Magnum Lynx 8.0 Side Zip boot – The look

The Magnum Lynx range has a very nice modern look to it. Just Like the Magnum lynx 8.0 boot this boot has very similar looks. It is made from tough leather and nylon to be breathable as well as durable. It has a very modern carbon look to it but at the same time looks professional. The eyelets have a metal look to them and again are very tough. The side zip on the boot does not look big and bulky and out of place. I think the side zip on this boot stands out from most as it actually fits in to the look and style of the Magnum Lynx 8.0 side zip boot.

Magnum Lynx 8.0 side zip boots

Magnum Lynx 8.0 Side Zip boot – The Specification

Like all Magnum boots on the market this boot has a lot of technology to it. Magnum make there with the task at hand in mind. The Magnum Lynx 8.0 sz boot has been designed to be one of the most perfect patrol boots out there. All of the hard wear of this boot has been designed to be durable and rust proof. This was done to make sure the boots have a long life for the wearer. Inside the boot all the material is designed to control the moisture and temperature of your feet. This is done by using material that wickens moisture. This is great as your feet will stay at the perfect temperature no matter how long the shift is.


They are one of the quickest not by the speed you can run in them but how quick you can get them off and on. They have a quick on/off hook lace system as well as a side zip. This is on of the fastest I have ever managed to get a boot on and off in my life. It is really good after a very long shift.


Magnum Lynx 8.0 side zip boots – where to buy?

First off, if you are a fan of side zip boots you NEED to get a pair of these!! They are by far one of the best side zip boots I have used and I am not a massive fan of SZ boots. As these are new upon writing this there may only be a few places selling them. I advise you go to a trusted Magnum dealer like – Magnum Lynx 8.0 SZ Boots . The Magnum Lynx 8.0 side zip boots are a great pair of boots.

Magnum Lynx 8.0 Boot – A new Magnum Boot

Magnum Lynx 8.0 boot – A new era for Magnum?

Magnum have released a new range of boots. They are called the Magnum Lynx boots. The Magnum Lynx boot is a modern patrol boot. In this post I am going to be talking about the Magnum Lynx 8.0 boot in particular. This a fresh approach from Magnum and from what we have seen so far we like it.


Magnum Lynx 8.0 boot – The Look

This boot has a very modern look to it. The boot is made from leather and nylon. Most of the boot is leather to keep the professional look to it. The nylon is at the top and side of the boot. The sole looks very durable and tough. It looks very solid this is good as the sole of a boot is very important. The nylon is made in a way that makes it look a bit like carbon which I think is cool and gives the boot a very nice finish to it. I know in the Police world cool counts for nothing but you should like the boots you wear as you have to pay for them. I think this boot is one of Magnums better looking boots.

Magnum Lynx 8.0 Boot



Magnum Lynx 8.0 boot – The Specification

Like all Magnum boots this boot is full of specification but does not come with the massive cost. Magnum have designed the Lynx boot to be an all round modern patrol boot for everyone. They have done this in a wide range of ways that I am going to explain. The nylon of the boot is tough and is designed to be flexible but at the same time durable as well. This helps you to move your feet more freely but at the same time you know it won’t split and let you down. The nylon panels on the side are design to keep your feet cool and allow the air to get in the boot easy. This is great to make your feet more comfortable and stay at the right temperature. The Magnum Lynx boot has a Blucher lacing system which is designed to make the boots fit to your feet better. At the top you have quick on and off hook eyelets. This is to get the boots on or off quicker, which is great after a long shift. The rubber out sole of the boot is designed for high traction and maximum grip so you will not have to worry about slipping over while running. The mid sole is EVA this is designed to offer you comfort and support for your underfoot.


This boot has all the right specification to be a great all round patrol boot. It is even certified to EN standard. The EN code is EN ISO 20347:2012 OB E FO SRA.


Magnum Lynx 8.0 – Where can I get a pair?

As the Magnum Lynx 8.0 boot is just been released by Magnum it may be hard to get hold of. I advise going to A Magnum elite stockist to get a pair. The best one I know of is If you are interested in the Magnum Lynx 8.0 boot go there.

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