Lowa Boots

Lowa boots – Hand-made to the highest quality

Lowa boots – History

Lowa boots were founded by a man called Lorenz Wagner in a village near Munich, Germany in 1923. This started with the production of brogue oxford shoes. The high quality of the handwork in the Norwegian welt-stitched shoes – a process of manufacturing that came from traditional techniques used in the Bavarian mountains. In using this process they became popular and needed to expand the facilities. This happened in the late 1920’s. Lorenz Wagner unfortunately passed away in the 1950’s and his daughter and son in law took over. Using the same business method as before even through the tough economic times of the 1950’s and 1960’s. In the 1970’s Lowa boots had some new innovation in the boots including the first polyurethane injection moulding system, the first vulcanised rubber soles and air injected soles. These sole units offered protection from moisture, insulation and maintained their shape despite bending and flexing.


Lowa boots – present

Lowa boots are popular around the world. Lowa boots are one a leading boot brand in Europe, North America and Asia. Despite being leading in many places around the world they are only getting bigger and bigger. The reason Lowa boots are getting bigger is because customers love the high quality and comfort of Lowa boots and you get this with all of there boots.


Lowa still make 100% of there boots in Europe and Germany. This helps Lowa maintain the standard in the boots during the manufacturing process. Lowa boots had its 80th anniversary in 2003. In 2010 Lowa manufactured over 2 million pairs of boots only 8% of this was there task force collection. The Lowa boots Task force collection is the Military and police range they sell and this is the range I am going to tell you about.

Lowa boots – How are they a good police boot


Lowa boots have been used by the Military and police for many years. Lowa boots have been proven over and over again to be an amazing boot on duty. It has many reasons why and I am going to explain why these boots are one of the best on the market for duty. Lowa boots are hand-made in Europe which makes them very high in quality. Lowa boots also use amazing technology in there boots that help you when you are on duty. All Lowa boots are made with full grain leather. If your Lowa boots are Waterproof that means they have a Gore-Tex lining which is fully waterproof and will not allow any water in and keeps your feet aired out. This is great when you are on duty as you need your feet fresh. Some Lowa boots have been know to last a good 7 years this is because some of there boots can be resoled. Lowa boots also use an amazing climate control insole in most of there boots. This insole keeps the boot cool and keeps the boots fresh. Lowa boots have some amazing boots I suggest you try a pair they are worth every penny.




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