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Lowa Z8N Boot – A new design and material

Lowa Z8N boot – Introduction

Lowa have released a new boot. It is called the Lowa Z8N boot. This Lowa boot is different from the rest. In this post I am going to talk about how and what makes the Lowa Z8N boot different from the rest. The difference is massive in most parts but still based on a high end patrol Lowa always seem to deliver.


Lowa Z8N boot – The Look

I am going to start on the look, as this boot is clearly different from most if not all other tactical boots on the market today. The Lowa Z8N boot is an pugraded version of the old Lowa Zephyr boot. You can see this in the look of the Z8N boot. It looks similar and has the funky plastic part on the side of the boot with is a famous trait of the old Lowa Zephyr boot. When looking at the boot the other thing that will catch you eye straight away is the leather of the boot. The leather is made of “nubuck” buffalo leather. This leather has a different finish from most other leather boots. The look makes the boot look more softer and funky. The reason the boot has been designed like this is because the idea was that military and police needed a dual boot. A boot that has the lightweight hiking ability and at the same time had a very tactical edge and the Lowa Z8N boot was born and made to look like this.

Lowa Z8N BootLowa Z8N boot – The technology in the boot

This Lowa boot is full with a lot of technology. The first thing about this boot it contains Gore-Tex technology that means the boot is fully waterproof and built with the highest quality materials available. The boot is very lightweight and very comfortable straight from the off. The reason for the comfort is the inner lining is made by Gore-Tex and is called performance comfort. As the name suggest it is designed for comfort. The sole is designed to be a cross sole. This means it will be affective in many different jobs and all different types of terrain. The leather is very tough and durable which is very important as we like our boots to last a very long time. The top of the heel is made of the world famous Codura® fabric. This fabric is one of the toughest nylon in the market today and will not let you down. The Lowa Z8N boot has fantastic specification and will not let you down.


Lowa Z8N boot – Where can I get a pair?

Lowa is a brand that is so popular worldwide. It is not hard to find a pair of the new Lowa Z8N boots. My strong advise will always go somewhere that is trusted by Lowa and know a bit about what they are selling. I always go to Patrolstore they know what they are talking about when it comes to the correct boots for the correct job.





Lowa Boots Mountain GTX – An epic pair of boots

Lowa Boots Mountain GTX – Introduction

The Lowa Boots Mountain GTX is on of Lowa’s most popular tactical boots. This boot has proven its self over and over again in all types of situations. It is popular among military personal, police officers and walkers. In this post I am going to talk about the Lowa Boots Mountain GTX and how it is a fantastic police boot know matter what your role consists of.

Lowa Boots Mountain GTX – The look

The Lowa Boots Mountain GTX looks very similar to the Lowa Boots Patrol and the Lowa Boots Combat GTX. It has a German hiking boot design mixed with a combat boot in to one. Being one of the most popular police boots in the U.K the look plays a major part. When you see the boots you can see why they are so popular as they look professional and you can see the high quality. It is all leather with metal hook eyelets. There is also band around the sole which has a very good use and will be explained in the specification of the boot.

Lowa Boots Mountain GTX – Specification

Another amazing part of this boot the Spec. The look is one thing but the Spec is out of this world. The Lowa Boots Mountain GTX boot made with full grain leather. This makes the boot easier to maintain. This is a good thing when you need to clean them it does not take to much of your own time up as we know you may not have that much!!!. The lacing system is a quick on/off hook system so the boots can be taken off or on easy. This is great if you are late or just finished a long shift. The Lowa Boots Mountain GTX is a Gore-Tex® lined boot which means that they are fully waterproof but at the same time are fully breathable so your feet do not get all stuff like other waterproof boots will do. Having dry and comfortable feet is very important while on shift as it can make a hard day a little bit better. The sole unit of the Lowa Boots Mountain GTX is a Vibram® “Tsavo”. This sole unit has a great slip resistant rating. Its rating is SRA. The other great thing about the sole unit is it is designed for comfort. These boots feel like slippers as soon as you put them on.

I have not forgot about the rubber band around the sole, That band is part of the sole unit. It is there as the sole can be replaced easily. This is great as the Lowa boots Mountain GTX have a long life span. If the sole is thin send the soles away to be replaced and its like having new boots!!!


Lowa Boots Mountain GTX – Should I get a pair?

In short when you are getting new boots for duty. I advise you try and think about these boots. They may be a bit expensive but with the sole being replaced they are a lot cheaper in the long run. so get a pair of the Lowa Boots Mountain GTX here.

Lowa Boots Mounatin GTX

Lowa Elite Light boot – The best light weight patrol boot?

Lowa Elite Light boot – Introduction

The Lowa Elite light boot is a fantastic addition to the Lowa boot range. This boot is different in many different ways to the average Lowa boot. The Lowa Elite light boot was the first in Lowa new lightweight range of boots. Even though it was the first it will be hard to get any better then this. You will be able to get different but it will be very hard to get better. In this post I am going to explain how these are different and why these might be the perfect light weight patrol boot on the market for all police officers.


Lowa Elite Light boot – The Look

The Lowa Elite light boot has a fantastic look to it. It has the design of a combat boot and jungle it to one. The boot is all leather which adds to the professional look it has. It has simple black metal eyelets which do not look out of place on a all leather boot. I think this boot is one of the nicest looking boot on the market today.


Lowa Elite Light boot – The Specification

This is the best part about these boots. The Specification is all on being a light weight patrol boot and it works really well. Lets go through the Spec. of the Lowa Elite Light boot. The boot is constructed using a cemented sole unit. This means the sole has been glued on to the boot this is the lightest way to make a boot. The Lowa Elite light boot is full grain leather that is 2.2 mm in all areas of the boot. This is great as full grain leather is easy to clean and maintain. So after a while when you get a chance to clean the boots it will be done in no time. The Lacing system is a open hook system. This makes the boot easy to get on and off. Getting boots off quickly after a long shift is the best feeling in the world some times. The lining inside the boot is called Vitatex which is designed to keep your feet nice a cool and allow air out which makes your feet stay nice and comfortable. The Lowa Elite Light boot has a vibram sole unit which is the best sole brand on the market. This means if you get a pair theywill last you.

The best thing about this boot is the weight. Only 1.2KG a pair for a full leather boot is amazing I guarantee you will be amazed by how light these boots really are.


Lowa Elite Light boot – Where can I try a pair?

I would suggest you would try a pair of these boots if you are looking for a light weight patrol boot. The Lowa Elite Light boot is one of the most lightest, flexible and comfortable patrol boots I have ever owned. The boots were really easy to look after and look very durable. You will not be disappointed.



Lowa Elite Light boot





Lowa Uplander GTX boot – A great lightweight boot that is fully waterproof

Lowa Uplander GTX boot – Introduction

In this post I am going to talk about the Lowa Uplander GTX boot. Lowa boots have been around for many years and are getting more and more popular among police officers. Lowa boots have been a favourite among military people for a long time and now police officers are getting more and more in to them. The only issue with the most popular Lowa boots are the weight of them. This is where the Lowa Uplander GTX boot comes in to play. In this post I am going explain why these boots have possible have changed the weight issue on Lowa boots.


Lowa Uplander GTX boot- Intro

The Lowa Uplander GTX boot is a full grain leather boot with a closed hook system. The look of the boot is great. It is 90% full grain leather with tough, durable nylon at the top. This Nylon makes the boot a lot more softer at the top of the boot. The boot looks profession and smart. This books looks wise is one of the best you can get.

Lowa Uplander GTX boot- What makes this boot great?

This Lowa boot has some amazing Spec. and still manages to stay lightweight. It does this using a wide range of technology. The Lowa Uplander GTX boot is fully waterproof. It has a Gore-Tex lining in the boot which stops any water from getting inside the boot at the same time it allows hot warm air from the boot to get out. This helps you stay nice a comfortable while you are on patrol as your feet stay dry but at the right temperature as well.

The Lowa Uplander GTX boot has a very good sole unit. It has a vibram® sole unit which is designed to last and not make you slip while doing a shift. The sole unit on the Uplander boot is deigned to be used on all types of terrain. The Lowa Uplander GTX boot is constructed using a technique called “injected” this means the sole and the boot are injected in to each over. This makes the boot last longer as there is no glue so it will not wear much over time. This is an amazing touch as we like our boots to last us.


The best is the fact the boots only weigh 1268 g/pair that is 634 g a boot. That is really light compared to the most popular Lowa Patrol, Lowa Mountain and the Lowa Combat boots. If you are looking for a lightweight high quality patrol boot get these!!!


Lowa Uplander GTX boots – Where can I get them?

These boots are sold in many places in the U.K. I like to go to a place I can trust but at the same time are not to expensive. I would advise that you get the Lowa Uplander GTX boot from Patrolstore. You can either speak to them on the phone or order on-line. If you want to try the boots first you can go to there main office.




Lowa boots patrol – The best patrol boot ever?

Lowa boots Patrol

Is this post I am going to ask the question, is the Lowa boots patrol the best patrol boot on the market. I am sure everyone has heard of this boot either they have a pair or know someone that does. The name Lowa is big in the police boots world and only getting bigger.


Lowa boots patrol – Look

The Lowa boots patrol has a nice all leather look to it. It is a wide looking combat boot. It has big hook eyelets and a rubber bit that goes around the boot, this is here for a a very good reason. I have not heard of many people that think this boot is ugly. I think the Lowa boots patrol is a smart looking boot. No senior rank or manager will moan at you for having these for work due to the look.

Lowa boots patrol – Specification

The Lowa boots patrol has a wide range of technology that will make your patrol a lot easier on your feet. The boot is a full grain leather boot. This makes the boot easier to clean and maintain. This leather will also last much longer then most so the boots will last a long time. This is great as we like our boots lasting a long time. The boots have a easy on/off hook system. This is quicker then any side zip system I have tried to date. The Lowa boots patrol takes me seconds to take on and off, this is amazing after a very long shift. The lowa boots patrol is very water resistant not waterproof but this is good if you are looking for a cooler boot.


The Lining in the Lowa boots patrol is made of Cambrelle. this might not mean much to you but let me explain what it does. It is a synthetic lining that is great in both cold and warm conditions as it insulates in the cold and vents when it is hot. This makes the boot great for all round year wear and also keeps your feet nice and comfortable.

I am saving the biggest and best thing about this boot until last. The sole of the boot is a Vibram Tsavo sole unit. This sole unit is designed to be used on all terrains with out loosing its grip. This is great if the chase starts in town but ends up in a farm. This sole unit is also designed to be resoled with ease. If you buy this boot the idea is once the sole has worn down you send them away to get resoled. This could make the boot last about 7 years plus. That means even thought the boot is over £100 at the begging in there life you are saving a lot of money.


Lowa boots patrol – bestpatrol boot ever?

The Lowa boots patrol is one of the best patrol boots ever made to my mind. It has all the needs you would like in a patrol boot. It also has a longer life then most boots on the market. I advise you get a pair now!!



Lowa boots patrol



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