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Kombat UK Patrol Boots – A very good budget patrol boot

Kombat UK Patrol Boots – Introduction

You may have not heard of Kombat UK as they mainly do military kit. They have released the Kombat UK Patrol boots and they are not to be sniffed at. Kombat UK have a wide range kit and normally it is on a very affordable budget. None of there items will cost you out of buying it. This does not mean it does not have quality because it does. The kit is designed by ex forces members so they know it needs to be good. In this post I will be going through the boots and what I liked about the Kombat UK patrol boots.


Kombat UK Patrol Boots – The Look

The Look of the boot is quite plain. It is your bog standard leather and nylon patrol boot that has been a favourite look for many years. The leather can be polished easy to have a smart profession look to it. The tough nylon panels on the side of the boots and to allow more air in and make the boot stay at a comfortable temperature. The top of the Kombat UK Patrol boots are made of suede. This is to offer more comfort on the top of the ankle. It also stop the boot from digging in to the skin. All in all the look does not give it the “WOW” factor but they still look very professional.


Kombat UK Patrol Boots – What do I get?

The boot has a bit more technology in the boot then you think. The leather and nylon are both made with a water resistant material. They are not waterproof but you should only get wet feet walking in a deep puddle. The inner lining of the boot is Thinsulate. This is thin but still has the technology to keep your feet warm in winter months. The sole is made form a PU rubber and has a steel shank in it to offer a lot of support underfoot. The sole has been designed to have maximum grip even on a uneven surface. This is great as we know our terrain can change at any time no matter where we are. The eyelets on the boot has been made to be so they can be tied up quickly and released quickly. This is a great feeling after a long shift. This boot has a customer feature where if you do not like the in sole you can just change it for one you do. I think this is a great idea and offers people there own level of comfort.



Kombat UK Patrol Boots


Kombat UK Patrol Boots – Where to get a pair and how much!?

Kombat UK Patrol boots are sold in many places in the U.K. you can get a pair from nearly every stockist in the country so where did I get my pair?. I went to Patrolstore.com. The reason I went there is because they are selling them for only £25.99!!! How could I turn that down. For a pair of boots like the Kombat UK Patrol Boots selling for that price I could not say no. If you are on a budget grab your self a pair or two or even three now!!!