Haix Boots

Haix Airpower P6 GTX – A hard wearing patrol boot

Haix Airpower P6 GTX – Introduction

Haix have a range of footwear call the Haix Airpower range. In this post I am going to talk about the Haix Airpower P6 GTX. This boot is not very known in the U.K at the moment and you will not see many around. This is ashame as if people knew about this boot I am sure more people would have a pair. I am going to go though the reasons why I think the Haix Airpower P6 GTX boot could be a top patrol boot in the U.K.


Haix Airpower P6 GTX – The look

At first glance the Haix Airpower P6 GTX boot looks very rugged boot. It has being designed by the Haix to be a patrol boot and you can tell that from the look. It has a mixture of leather and nylon. The boot has leather on most areas and there is nylon on the tongue, side and the top of the boot. The eyelets are a solid metal and look really durable plus there is not that many to fiddle with when putting the boot on. I can guarantee you will love the look of this boot. Haix have done a fantastic job on this look wise.


Haix Airpower


Haix Airpower P6 GTX – The Technology

Haix is a German brand and with most German things in the world they lover there technology and craftsmanship. The Haix Airpower P6 GTX boot if full of Technology to make your shift more comfortable and easier. The boot has been crafter with the best materials available. The nylon is really tough and durable. The leather is the highest quality leather you can make on a boot. This make the boot one of the highest quality boots you can get on the market today. The boot is fully waterproof this achieved by using a gore-tex® lining. This is great as well as being fully waterproof the boot is also fully breathable so your feet stay at the right temperate though out your shift. The boot also has sun reflect technology which keeps the feet cool even in the hottest summer days. The sole unit is designed to be comfortable and to absorb any shock impact. It does this using a by using an anatomically formed last. This helps while doing the job as it is important to be comfortable and injury free. The boot has open hook eyelets so it is easy to get the boots on and off. The technology in the Haix Airpower P6 GTX boot is second to none. It has also been designed with being on patrol in mind.

Haix Airpower P6 GTX – where can I get a pair?

The Haix Airpower P6 GTX boot in stock in a few places in the U.K. I found a few pairs easy but as I am a boot geek I wanted to go to a trustworthy place. I found Patrolstore had all the information I wanted about Haix plus if I wanted to get all the accessories I could get them there. I advise any one who Patrols regularly to get a pair of the Haix Airpower P6 GTX boots.





Haix black eagle tactical 20 high boots – The Athletics boot

Haix black eagle tactical 20 high – The introduction

Haix have a wide range of footwear. The Haix black eagle range is one of there biggest ranges. In this post I am going to talk about the Haix black eagle tactical 20 high. Haix as a brand are getting more and more known in the U.K but they should be one of the most known brands in the U.K due to there fantastic boots. The Haix black eagle tactical 20 GTX high boot is a boot you may have been wanting for a long time without even knowing about it.


Haix black eagle tactical 20 high –  The look

The Haix black eagle range comes in many different colours but they all feature the same look. The Haix black eagle tactical 20 GTX high boot colour scheme is designed to be tactical. The boot is a all black leather boot that has a very modern look to it. It still looks very professional. Looks wise this boot is actually hard to beat I think it looks amazing.




Haix Black eagle tactical 20 GTX high boot


Haix black eagle tactical 20 high – The Specification

This is the best part of this boot. This boot is full of Spec. That is all designed for police officers on duty. The boot is made with full grain leather this makes the boot more durable and easy to maintain. This is good as we all love our boots to last and be easy to clean. The Haix black eagle tactical 20 high boot has a Gore-Tex® lining this makes it fully waterproof at the same time allows your feet to breath still so they do not get to hot and sweaty. This was added to keep your feet at the perfect temperature whilst you are on duty. The Haix black eagle also have an added feature to help with this and this is the Sun reflect technology they use in the boots. The boots are designed to reflect sun rays from the boots so in the summer months your feet still stay nice and cool.


The best thing about this pair of boots is the fact they are designed to be athletic and light weight. They do this in a range of ways. The first is that the boot is metal free. so the boot is made up of high quality light weight components. You can feel this as soon as you put the Haix black eagle tactical 20 high boots on your feet. This is also an added bonus as they will not set any metal detectors off. This boot is also one of the most comfortable boots you will try on. They have a memory foam like insole as well.


Haix black eagle tactical 20 high – where can I try a pair?

This boot is not stock in many places in the U.K. There only a few suppliers of this boot. I advise you at least try a pair. You will instantly fall in love with them. I got my pair of Haix black eagle tactical 20 high boots from Patrolstore.com. I went in to try a pair. I advise you do the same!!!






Haix Police Footwear User Trial – We are Looking for You!

Haix Footwear

Haix a German-based company, is the world’s leading manufacturer of functional footwear for police, fire services, law enforcement, rescue and military task forces, and has also recently increased its presence in the forestry and leisure/outdoor sector. Haix is very well respected in certain specialist areas in UK, such as the Metropolitan Police Firearms Team and the London Ambulance Service Cycle Response Unit. Haix want to extend that out further, to all police officers, and strongly believe that user trial is the most effective tool available to convince end users that a Haix product with Gore laminate will offer an all-day comfort that they haven’t experienced before. Research has also shown that if your feet are warm, dry and comfortable you will have higher concentration levels and be able to perform your job to a higher level.

Outline of User Trial

Haix are teaming up with their long-term partner Gore, as well as their trusted UK retail partner PatrolStore, the UK’s leading provider of kit, clothing and equipment to the police, military and security markets, and are looking for 50 serving police officers in the UK to fully test and provide feedback on the quality that a pair of Haix boots with Gore-Tex membrane offers. Aran Lackey (Product Development Manager for PatrolStore) trusts the brand, so volunteered to help – along with some of their partners.

The reason for the trial

Back in February 2014 Gore called for 100 Police officers in Germany to volunteer to participate in a large-scale tactical Gore-Tex Footwear trial, using products from the Haix range of tactical footwear. The main aim was to find out how well tactical Gore-Tex shoes and boots met the everyday needs of the modern police officer – on foot, on patrol duty and in their cars, whilst standing, running and jumping, outdoors and indoors, in the rain and in dry, warm, summer weather.

The results were outstanding with 94% of wearers saying they would recommend the boots to their colleagues following the trial period. Direct quotes included:

“These shoes look great. The fit is excellent. They are waterproof, breathable and very comfortable to walk in. I would recommend these shoes to everyone.”

“These shoes are entirely suitable for regular duty and everyday wear. Generally speaking, more moisture protection means less breathability. This does not apply to these shoes…”

After seeing the results of these trials, Haix wanted to replicate certain elements of the trial to give police officers in the UK the chance to experience the benefits of Haix footwear with a Gore-Tex laminate for themselves.

What’s the ideal outcome of the Haix Police Footwear User Trial?

Haix is supremely confident that their boots will more than stand up to the test. The hopeful outcome of this footwear trial is that Haix will gain valuable feedback from the people that really understand the daily requirements for a pair of boots on active police duty, and ultimately feed that back into the product development process. It is also hoped that the 50 people will fully feel the benefit that investing in a quality pair of boots can do for everyday working life, and spread that knowledge to all their colleagues!

How long will the user trial last?

The user trial will last 5 months after which the volunteers will be required to provide their honest feedback.

What boots are on offer?

Haix Ranger Gsg9 - S GTX

There are 2 different boot styles to choose from:
Haix Gsg9-S GTX – is a perfect boot for response and tactical use, as well as general duty, and features a 3-layer Crosstech laminate from Gore that not only offers a watertight, breathable solution for all seasons, but also offers durable protection against blood and body fluids.

Haix Airpower P6 GTX – an incredibly comfortable boot, suitable for foot patrol and general duties, with a combination of soft and supple waterproof leather and nylon mesh upper, backed up with an extended 3-layer GORE-TEX highly breathable and waterproof membrane.

Haix Airpower P6 GTX

Both these products are currently available at www.patrolstore.com if you want to have a look in more detail at the full specs.

So how do you register to take part in this one-off opportunity to trial some of the best footwear currently available for your job?

It’s simple. Just go towww.haix.com/hx222 and register a few key details and you will be entered into the draw. The closing date for applications is 14 April 2015, at which point the 50 most suitable candidates will be selected and the relevant boots sent out…it’s that easy!!

Haix boots – The heroes boot made with fantastic technology

Haix boots – History

Haix Boots are worn by emergency services and armed forces all around the world. This was a vision for a Ewald Haimerl in 1992 when he took over his parents shoe making business. Haix boots managed to do this with ground breaking technology. Haix boots also set new standards with regards to innovation and functionality. Haix boots were founded originally in 1948 in Germany. Haix boots are made in a practice based research centre. This is a trademark of Haix boots. Haix make there boots with the job they have in mind. Did you know New york city, Mexico City, Hamburg, Moscow and Cape town fire fighters are all issued Haix boots. Haix boots are also issued to the British Army,RAF and Royal navy.

Haix boots – The fantastic technology

Haix make there boots with pride and you can see this in the technology they use in the boots. Haix have implemented a wide range of technology in there boots. Haix boots use Gore-tex to waterproof there boots. Gore-tex is more then being waterproof it will not allow any water in the boots at all. Haix boots also use another Gore-tex product in a lot of there boots they use Crosstech. This is like a Gore-tex lining but is resistant from blood, body fluids as well as being waterproof and breathable. This is great if you work in the emergency services as you may come across this lot in your line of work. A lot of people will complain that with Gore-tex your feet will get hot in the summer months, Haix boots use a technology called sun reflect. This reduces the heating effect on the upper leather by direct sunlight. The leather reflects this which makes the leather cooler in turn makes your feet nice and cool. Haix boots also have other technology in there boots like the energy absorbing heel. This heel will absorb any hard stamps you do. Haix have a really good climate system in there boots, the Haix Climate system uses your movement to pump old moist air out the boot and fresh air comes in the boots which is great for your feet. Haix boots come with a lot more technology in a wide range of boots. I can guarantee you will find a boot that is perfect for you.

Haix boots black eagle range – A boot for any job

Haix boots have a style called the black eagle range. The Haix black eagle range was made with running shoe technology and inspired with Haix amazing fuctionality. This makes these Haix boots, light, robust and Waterproof. The Haix black eagle range comes in a wide range of colours and height. Our favourite one is the black eagle tactical 20 high boot (below picture) it has the right colour for police officers to wear and is a fantastic boot for duty. Light weight, flexible, quick lacing system and fully Waterproof Gore-Tex lined. What more do you want in a boot?

Haix boots














 Haix boots – Where to get them?

Haix boots are doing a push in the U.K market at the moment as it is not one they are known in which is surprising considering how good Haix boots are. I advise you go to a store that know about the boots and the best advice I got was from Patrolstore.com they helped me in every way.