5.11 Tactical Boots

511 women’s ATAC 8 inch side zip boot – Designed for the female officer

511 women’s ATAC 8 inch side zip boot – Intro

The 511 women’s ATAC 8 inch side zip boot is a boot that is designed for women. 511 women’s boots are fantastic if you are a female officer. This boot was designed only for women in mind. In this post I am going to review this boot as one of my female colleagues has given me feedback on the boot she says is one of the best boots she has ever worn whilst on duty.


511 women’s ATAC 8 inch side zip boot – The Look

The 511 women’s ATACT 8 inch SZ boot has a very good look for a women’s boot. It has a look that will suit a women’s foot. It is a slim boot that is mainly made of full grain leather. The top part of the boot is made with tough, durable nylon. The side zip on the boot does not look out of place and bulky as well. I think for a women’s boot the look is really appealing for a women.


511 women's ATAC 8 inch  side zip boot

511 women’s ATAC 8 inch side zip boot

511 women’s ATAC 8 inch side zip boot – The specification

As well as having the look this boot has the specification to match. The 5.11 women’s ATAC side zip boot is designed to have fit a women’s foot bed. This great as this is more comfortable for a women and less likely to cause an injury on duty. The boot is made from full grain leather. this make the boot have a longer life time and easier to maintain and clean. We know this is important as every one needs there boots to last. The nylon part of the 511 women’s ATAC 8 inch side zip boot is made from the tough nylon so you will not have to worry about that getting damaged or showing any signs of wear for a long time. The side zip on these 5.11 women’s boots is a YKK® side zip. That means the zip will not let you down while you are on duty. This is a major factor when choosing side zip boots.

The sole on the 511 women’s ATAC 8 inch side zip boot is injected in to the boot. These means the boots have not been glued together. The sole and the boot are like one. This means you will never have to worry about the sole coming off the boot. This adds to the high quality of these boots. Inside the boots have a open cell foam cushioning. This is designed to be all about comfort for the user and it does not disappoint.

511 women’s ATAC 8 inch side zip boot – Where can I get a pair?

511 is mainly in the U.S and can be hard to get over here in the U.K to a degree. 5.11 Tactical have a few elite suppliers in the U.K but they may not stock this boot. After doing a quick search the only place I could find the boot was Patrolstore. They stock the boot in all sizes and you can try before you buy with them. To get this 511 women’s ATAC 8 inch side zip boot I advise you go to them.

5.11 Boots – A world wide number one for any thing tactical

5.11 Boots


5.11 boots are a favourite among all public service personal. 5.11 have made many boots for all the types of jobs they do. If you are a police officer they have a boot for your needs, if you are a Paramedic they have a boot for you and even if you are a front line infantry soldier they have a boot for you. All of 5.11 boots are tested in they jobs they are designed to be in use for. This fantastic range of footwear has a wide range of boots to suit your needs.


5.11 Boots Specifications


5.11 Boots use a wide range of Specs for there boots to meet a wide range of tactical needs. If you need a waterproof boot they use Sympatex®, Which is a really breathable lining and also stops blood pathogens. If you need a side zip boot they make a wide range of boots that fit. If you need a boot with a toe cap they have a boot with the right protection. They call it the 5.11 Kicktoe. What ever you need you can guarantee that 5.11 have a boot that has the right specs for you and your job.


5.11 boots testing


All 5.11 boots are tested by all emergency services personal and U.S Navy seals teams. This is done so 5.11 boots are the perfect tactical boots for you. 5.11 boots that are not up to the rigorous tests are either changed or redesigned to meet the high standards that 5.11 boots have set worldwide.

5.11 boots

5.11 XPRT Tactical police boot

This 5.11 XPRT Tactical Police Boot is a great police boot with a wide range of specs for the urban police officer. This USA-full grain leather boot is a Sympatex water proof boot which does not allow any Water or blood in to the boot at all. This amazing police boot is designed to be fast, flexible and comfortable. 5.11 have done this by adding in there 5.11 shock mitigation system.


The 5.11 XPRT Tactical Police boots have been designed with all tactical situations in mind. They have a 5.11 Kick-toe. This is a composite toe. This is in the boots to protect your toes while having you are on duty. This 5.11 police boot also has a talon stabilizer, which is 5.11 own ankle support system. It wraps the ankle making the boot much more supportive to your feet.


5.11 have also put a quick lace system in theses fantastic police boots. They call it the 5.11 cinch lacing system. which is great for taking the boots off quickly after a really long shift or putting them on in a emergency. These boots have a guarantee so you can be confident that these boots will not let you down.


5.11 boots – where to purchase them

5.11 is an American brand and sometimes 5.11 can be hard to get hold of in the U.K but there is a few suppliers of this great brand, in the U.K. 5.11 Boots are a really good boot and if you want to pay that little extra I advise you at least try a pair of 5.11 boots once. I advise you go to Patrolstore to get your 5.11 boots and gear.