Bates boots – A great all round boot to suit your needs

 Bates boots History

Bates boots was founded in 1885. In over 100 years they have gone through a lot of changes. Bates boots started off as a dress footwear business and now they are a worldwide leading manufacturer in Military and police boots. The change for Bates boots started in the 1960s when the U.S Navy needed a better shoe for those who served. Bates boots won the contract and the shoes were so popular that bates boots decided to make boots for all the military. Before Long Bates boots started to make them for police and security services. Bates boots started to go worldwide in the 1970s and 1980s as there boots had a reputation as an excellent bit of kit. This resulted in Bates boots outfitting elite military organizations in more sixty countries.

 Bates boots Specification

Bates Boots are able to make there boots great as they use a wide range of technology and great craftsmanship to make there boots. To make there boots waterproof they use the best technology in waterproofing boots by using a Gore-Tex lining in there boots. Gore-Tex is completely waterproof and does not allow any water in the boots. Gore-Tex is all so very breathable so your feet will not boil. This is great if you need your feet to be dry while on duty. Bates boots use YKK zips for there side zip boots. YKK is known around the world for making the best zips. Bates boots use YKK zips so if you want a side zip boot you can and not have to worry about it breaking on you. Bates Boots make all kind of boots that you can choose from. All designed to have what you are looking for in a patrol boot.

Bates boots Individual Comfort System

Bates as a bates-bootscompany came up with this fantastic bit of technology for some of there boots. Its called the Bates Individual Comfort System (ICS). The bates Boots ICS is an adjustable heel which effects the feel of the boots comfort. Just as every one is different in what kind of mattress they sleep on. You can control what kind of comfort you like on this Bates boot. It comes with 4 different settings Firm, Cushion, inward and outward stability. This is great if you are doing different things through out the day cause you can change the feel to suit your duty.




 Where can you purchase these amazing boots?

Bates boots are designed in the U.S.A and made in many places around the world. Bates Boot are based in the U.S.A so getting them in the U.K can be difficult. There are a few stores who stock and sell bates boots. I always go to to get my Bates boots. They may not stock the whole range but the ones they do stock are aimed at all the police jobs in the U.K. I advise anyone to at least try a pair of Bates boots as you will not be disappointed with the quality and I advise that you get them from Patrolstore as there service is excellent.




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