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Bates Boots Delta 8″ Side Zip – A breakthrough side zip boot

Bates Boots Delta 8 – The Introduction

Bates are a very popular brand in the U.S and make loads of bootsfor the Military and police. In this I am going to talk about the Bates Boots Delta 8. The Bates Delta 8 were made mainly for comfort and speed for police officers. The Bates ICS system has been put in the boot to adjust the comfort to your needs as Bates understands that everyone is different.


Bates Boots Delta 8 – The Look

The Bates Boots Delta boot has a very unique look to it. I would say it has a very modern look to the boot. The side of the boots has random splashes of leather over the nylon panels. The sole treads sticks out of the side of the boot and can been seen. The sole also comes up the front of the boot like your running trainers do. This offers protection from scuffing the leather off the toe. The eyelets on the boots are a very strong plastic which makes the boot have a futuristic finish. I personal like the look of the Bates Boots Delta 8 side zip boot. I understand that the look of these boots is similar to Marmite. You will either love them or hate them.

Bates Boots Delta 8 Side Zip

Bates Boots Delta 8 – What is in the boot?

Bates have done a fantastic job on this boot. The boot is made from durable full grain leather which is designed so the boot is easy to clean also it makes the boot more durable. The nylon mess lining in and around the boot has been designed to be very breathable. This is in place so your feet will stay at the perfect temperature through out your shift. We all know you get unhappy when we are uncomfortable on shift. The side zip on this boot is one of the best you can get on the market. It has been designed so the user can get the boot on and off really quickly. I being not a massive fan of side zip boots was actually very impressed with with how they work. The sole is quite think and looks like the tread will last very long even for an office on his feet all day. The sole is also slip resistant so you have no worries about falling over even in the wet. The Bates Boots Delta 8 is one of lightest boots on the market which makes it designed for the every day bobby on his feet or in the car. The Bates boots Delta 8 comes with the ICS system which allows you to adjusted the feeling of the sole. It is a great addition to top off a great boot.


Bates Boots Delta 8 – Where can I get a pair?

Bates are a brand from the U.S and it can be hard at times to get that sort of gear here in the U.K. There are a few places that do stock them. I always have gone to Patrolstore to get mine as they have always helped me. I would advise any one who is looking for a lightweight side zip boot to go for the Bates Boots Delta 8 side zip boots.




Adidas GSG9.2 Boot – A very special boot

Adidas GSG9.2 Boot – Intro

Adidas worked very close to the German GSG9 to make a tactical boot. The result was the Adidas GSG9.2 boot. This Adidas boot is very special in all aspects and is designed as a full on tactical boot. In this post I am going to do a run down of the boot. What makes it special, the look and much more.


Adidas GSG9.2 Boot – The Look

Adidas have come up with a tactical look with a bit of sport added to it. It looks really cool. They have even managed to get the world Famous Adidas stripes in the boot. This of course fits in with the style of the boot and does not stand out like they do normally in there trainers. The front of the boots look at bit bent upwards but there is a reason for this. It makes the Adidas GSG9.2 Boot a lot more flexible so do not let that put you off. The look as a whole is a sporty tactical look which old school people may hate but newer younger officers will love.

Adidas GSG9.2 Boot

 Adidas GSG9.2 boot РThe Specification

To be the boot that one of the top specialist police teams in the world use there has to be a lot of really good technology. Adidas has not disappointed in this way. The boot is a full grain leather boot. This makes the leather tough and durable. The boot has a AdiTUFF material underfoot which makes it more supportive and gives an added protection. This protects your feet while on shift and again adds to the durability to the boot. The collar of the Adidas GSG9.2 boot is perforated. This allows your feet to breath a lot more then a normal collar would. The arch of the boot is made for safe and precise rappelling manoeuvres. The insert of the boot is a adiPRENE heel insert. This is a Adidas design which is made for comfort and shock absorption. This a great design and great to have while you are on shift. The boot is water, Oil and Petrol Resistant. This is a fantastic idea as your feet will stay dry and safe from any other chemicals.

Adidas GSG9.2 Boot – The Specialist boot

Reading the information above you are properly thinking this does not sound like a every day patrol boot. You are right this boot is not designed to be your everyday patrol boot. This boot has been designed for specialist. If you are in the Police and have a specialist role go for the Adidas GSG9.2 Boots.


Adidas GSG9.2 Boot – Where can I get a Pair?

You can get these boots in a lot of places. You can even get them direct from Adidas. These boots are very popular among a wide range of people and are getting very popular among Police officers. I advise you try the boots on first. You can try the boots at Patrolstore. They are very helpful and they have ex police officers working for them so they understand the demands of the jobs.

Lace up boots VS Side zip boots – What is the best?

Lace up boots VS Side zip boots

In this post I am going to talk about which is better Lace up boots or Side zip boots. This battle has been going on for some time. I have been asked to write this a give me verdict on the matter many times. So which is better Lace up boots or side zip boots?


Lace up boots VS Side zip boots – Battle

Many times I get asked “what do you prefer?” Lace up or side zip. Well I am going to go though the advantages and disadvantages of both and select my winner.

Lace up boots advantages –

  • You can control how tight the boot is around your ankle. this is good as some people have smaller ankles than others
  • Laces rarely get stuck.
  • a Lace up boot has been around for a very long time as it is trusted.
  • Laces can be repaired or replaced. It is cheap and easy to do.

Lace up boots disadvantages –¬†

  • Knots. Every one hates them. when after a long shift you want to take your boots off and a knot happens.
  • Laces going. Even though they are easy to replace and cheap, it is still annoying.
  • Longer to take off than a side zip boot.
  • Less room to actually get your feet in to the boots.

Side zip boots advantages –

  • Quickly do them up and get them on
  • More room around the top of the boot
  • You can take them off a bit quicker then lace up boots. This is great after a long shift.

Side Zip boots disadvantages –

  • It may get stuck. It is a zip……
  • Waterproofing can be a bit of an issue
  • It may slide down and undo while on patrol
  • The inside of the boot may get damage easily as you put them on


Lace up boots VS side zip boots – And the winner is…….

As you can see from the list. It is very hard to chose a out and out winner. There is not much in it at all. My winner is Lace up boots. The reason why I choose lace up boots over side zip boots is because a lace up boot is more reliable in all aspects. There is a slim chance a lace up boot will go wrong on you and even if it does it may only be little issue. If the zip on the side of the boot goes wrong then you will not be able to wear the boot properly and will not offer support of the ankle if you manage to bodge it. Lace up boots have also got an advantage on the speed front. A lot of boots have quick hooks which are better for the boot then a side zip and are just as quick to get on and off. This of course is my choice, you may have your own. If I wanted to get a boot that was easy on and off I would go for a lace up boot with a quick hook system.


Lace up boots with Quick Hook system

Quick hook system