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Lowa boots – Hand-made to the highest quality

Lowa boots – History

Lowa boots were founded by a man called Lorenz Wagner in a village near Munich, Germany in 1923. This started with the production of brogue oxford shoes. The high quality of the handwork in the Norwegian welt-stitched shoes – a process of manufacturing that came from traditional techniques used in the Bavarian mountains. In using this process they became popular and needed to expand the facilities. This happened in the late 1920’s. Lorenz Wagner unfortunately passed away in the 1950’s and his daughter and son in law took over. Using the same business method as before even through the tough economic times of the 1950’s and 1960’s. In the 1970’s Lowa boots had some new innovation in the boots including the first polyurethane injection moulding system, the first vulcanised rubber soles and air injected soles. These sole units offered protection from moisture, insulation and maintained their shape despite bending and flexing.


Lowa boots – present

Lowa boots are popular around the world. Lowa boots are one a leading boot brand in Europe, North America and Asia. Despite being leading in many places around the world they are only getting bigger and bigger. The reason Lowa boots are getting bigger is because customers love the high quality and comfort of Lowa boots and you get this with all of there boots.


Lowa still make 100% of there boots in Europe and Germany. This helps Lowa maintain the standard in the boots during the manufacturing process. Lowa boots had its 80th anniversary in 2003. In 2010 Lowa manufactured over 2 million pairs of boots only 8% of this was there task force collection. The Lowa boots Task force collection is the Military and police range they sell and this is the range I am going to tell you about.

Lowa boots – How are they a good police boot


Lowa boots have been used by the Military and police for many years. Lowa boots have been proven over and over again to be an amazing boot on duty. It has many reasons why and I am going to explain why these boots are one of the best on the market for duty. Lowa boots are hand-made in Europe which makes them very high in quality. Lowa boots also use amazing technology in there boots that help you when you are on duty. All Lowa boots are made with full grain leather. If your Lowa boots are Waterproof that means they have a Gore-Tex lining which is fully waterproof and will not allow any water in and keeps your feet aired out. This is great when you are on duty as you need your feet fresh. Some Lowa boots have been know to last a good 7 years this is because some of there boots can be resoled. Lowa boots also use an amazing climate control insole in most of there boots. This insole keeps the boot cool and keeps the boots fresh. Lowa boots have some amazing boots I suggest you try a pair they are worth every penny.




Haix boots – The heroes boot made with fantastic technology

Haix boots – History

Haix Boots are worn by emergency services and armed forces all around the world. This was a vision for a Ewald Haimerl in 1992 when he took over his parents shoe making business. Haix boots managed to do this with ground breaking technology. Haix boots also set new standards with regards to innovation and functionality. Haix boots were founded originally in 1948 in Germany. Haix boots are made in a practice based research centre. This is a trademark of Haix boots. Haix make there boots with the job they have in mind. Did you know New york city, Mexico City, Hamburg, Moscow and Cape town fire fighters are all issued Haix boots. Haix boots are also issued to the British Army,RAF and Royal navy.

Haix boots – The fantastic technology

Haix make there boots with pride and you can see this in the technology they use in the boots. Haix have implemented a wide range of technology in there boots. Haix boots use Gore-tex to waterproof there boots. Gore-tex is more then being waterproof it will not allow any water in the boots at all. Haix boots also use another Gore-tex product in a lot of there boots they use Crosstech. This is like a Gore-tex lining but is resistant from blood, body fluids as well as being waterproof and breathable. This is great if you work in the emergency services as you may come across this lot in your line of work. A lot of people will complain that with Gore-tex your feet will get hot in the summer months, Haix boots use a technology called sun reflect. This reduces the heating effect on the upper leather by direct sunlight. The leather reflects this which makes the leather cooler in turn makes your feet nice and cool. Haix boots also have other technology in there boots like the energy absorbing heel. This heel will absorb any hard stamps you do. Haix have a really good climate system in there boots, the Haix Climate system uses your movement to pump old moist air out the boot and fresh air comes in the boots which is great for your feet. Haix boots come with a lot more technology in a wide range of boots. I can guarantee you will find a boot that is perfect for you.

Haix boots black eagle range – A boot for any job

Haix boots have a style called the black eagle range. The Haix black eagle range was made with running shoe technology and inspired with Haix amazing fuctionality. This makes these Haix boots, light, robust and Waterproof. The Haix black eagle range comes in a wide range of colours and height. Our favourite one is the black eagle tactical 20 high boot (below picture) it has the right colour for police officers to wear and is a fantastic boot for duty. Light weight, flexible, quick lacing system and fully Waterproof Gore-Tex lined. What more do you want in a boot?

Haix boots














 Haix boots – Where to get them?

Haix boots are doing a push in the U.K market at the moment as it is not one they are known in which is surprising considering how good Haix boots are. I advise you go to a store that know about the boots and the best advice I got was from they helped me in every way.






Bates boots – A great all round boot to suit your needs

 Bates boots History

Bates boots was founded in 1885. In over 100 years they have gone through a lot of changes. Bates boots started off as a dress footwear business and now they are a worldwide leading manufacturer in Military and police boots. The change for Bates boots started in the 1960s when the U.S Navy needed a better shoe for those who served. Bates boots won the contract and the shoes were so popular that bates boots decided to make boots for all the military. Before Long Bates boots started to make them for police and security services. Bates boots started to go worldwide in the 1970s and 1980s as there boots had a reputation as an excellent bit of kit. This resulted in Bates boots outfitting elite military organizations in more sixty countries.

 Bates boots Specification

Bates Boots are able to make there boots great as they use a wide range of technology and great craftsmanship to make there boots. To make there boots waterproof they use the best technology in waterproofing boots by using a Gore-Tex lining in there boots. Gore-Tex is completely waterproof and does not allow any water in the boots. Gore-Tex is all so very breathable so your feet will not boil. This is great if you need your feet to be dry while on duty. Bates boots use YKK zips for there side zip boots. YKK is known around the world for making the best zips. Bates boots use YKK zips so if you want a side zip boot you can and not have to worry about it breaking on you. Bates Boots make all kind of boots that you can choose from. All designed to have what you are looking for in a patrol boot.

Bates boots Individual Comfort System

Bates as a bates-bootscompany came up with this fantastic bit of technology for some of there boots. Its called the Bates Individual Comfort System (ICS). The bates Boots ICS is an adjustable heel which effects the feel of the boots comfort. Just as every one is different in what kind of mattress they sleep on. You can control what kind of comfort you like on this Bates boot. It comes with 4 different settings Firm, Cushion, inward and outward stability. This is great if you are doing different things through out the day cause you can change the feel to suit your duty.




 Where can you purchase these amazing boots?

Bates boots are designed in the U.S.A and made in many places around the world. Bates Boot are based in the U.S.A so getting them in the U.K can be difficult. There are a few stores who stock and sell bates boots. I always go to to get my Bates boots. They may not stock the whole range but the ones they do stock are aimed at all the police jobs in the U.K. I advise anyone to at least try a pair of Bates boots as you will not be disappointed with the quality and I advise that you get them from Patrolstore as there service is excellent.




Dr Martens – A boot that has a history with the police

Dr Martens – History

Dr Martens boots are known around the world as a boot icon, This is mainly due to how popular they become in the 1970s. This is due to the younger generation taking a liking to them and the police being issued the boots during the riots. They were fazed out by the police but they have never died on the fashion and work wear front. Dr Martens were still making the police boots and still are today. In this blog I am going to talk about how Dr Martens still make an amazing police boot.

Dr Martens design

Dr Martens police boots have a nice simple look to them just like most of there fashion boots. Dr Martens police boots have a basic smart look to them. They are plain leather with a little bit of nylon on the side and a smart looking, simple sole. Dr Martens police boots look old school but professional. I can guarantee you will like the look of the boots.


Dr Martens

Dr Martens Marshall Police Boot

Dr Martens specification

Dr Martens police boots have a wide range of specs. to meet all your needs. If you are looking for a waterproof boot, they use Sympatex waterproof lining which is 100% waterproof and breathable as well. This is great as your feet will not get to hot. In some of there boots like the Dr martens Trent boot they use a durable YKK side zip. This gives you a reliable zip, which is great if you want to put your boots on quickly and take them off just as quick. If you are not a massive fan of having a side zip boots but would love to have a boot that comes off quick then you can go for the Dr Martens Marshall boot which has a hook system which works just as well.

Dr Martens Sole

Dr Martens boots as a whole are known around the world for having a fantastic sole unit, this is no different for the police boots they have made. The outsole unit they have made for the Dr Martens police boots is heat resistant to 300C. They have also one of the best sole for being slip resistant. Dr Martens Police boots have one of the perfect soles for police work.

Dr Martens guarantee

Dr Martens Police boots have been made in line with current police officers and security guards. This is so Dr Martens can fully understand the market needs for boots. With this in mind Dr Martens have made sure there boots have a 12 month guarantee against any faults. So you can happily know your boots are protected.

 Where can you get these fantastic Dr martens boots?

Dr Martens tactical police boots are sold by a wide range of suppliers and by Dr Martens themselves. The place I like to go to is as they have the widest range in stock and a great delivery service. Don’t just take me word for it I would advise you try them. You will not be disappointed.

5.11 Boots – A world wide number one for any thing tactical

5.11 Boots


5.11 boots are a favourite among all public service personal. 5.11 have made many boots for all the types of jobs they do. If you are a police officer they have a boot for your needs, if you are a Paramedic they have a boot for you and even if you are a front line infantry soldier they have a boot for you. All of 5.11 boots are tested in they jobs they are designed to be in use for. This fantastic range of footwear has a wide range of boots to suit your needs.


5.11 Boots Specifications


5.11 Boots use a wide range of Specs for there boots to meet a wide range of tactical needs. If you need a waterproof boot they use Sympatex®, Which is a really breathable lining and also stops blood pathogens. If you need a side zip boot they make a wide range of boots that fit. If you need a boot with a toe cap they have a boot with the right protection. They call it the 5.11 Kicktoe. What ever you need you can guarantee that 5.11 have a boot that has the right specs for you and your job.


5.11 boots testing


All 5.11 boots are tested by all emergency services personal and U.S Navy seals teams. This is done so 5.11 boots are the perfect tactical boots for you. 5.11 boots that are not up to the rigorous tests are either changed or redesigned to meet the high standards that 5.11 boots have set worldwide.

5.11 boots

5.11 XPRT Tactical police boot

This 5.11 XPRT Tactical Police Boot is a great police boot with a wide range of specs for the urban police officer. This USA-full grain leather boot is a Sympatex water proof boot which does not allow any Water or blood in to the boot at all. This amazing police boot is designed to be fast, flexible and comfortable. 5.11 have done this by adding in there 5.11 shock mitigation system.


The 5.11 XPRT Tactical Police boots have been designed with all tactical situations in mind. They have a 5.11 Kick-toe. This is a composite toe. This is in the boots to protect your toes while having you are on duty. This 5.11 police boot also has a talon stabilizer, which is 5.11 own ankle support system. It wraps the ankle making the boot much more supportive to your feet.


5.11 have also put a quick lace system in theses fantastic police boots. They call it the 5.11 cinch lacing system. which is great for taking the boots off quickly after a really long shift or putting them on in a emergency. These boots have a guarantee so you can be confident that these boots will not let you down.


5.11 boots – where to purchase them

5.11 is an American brand and sometimes 5.11 can be hard to get hold of in the U.K but there is a few suppliers of this great brand, in the U.K. 5.11 Boots are a really good boot and if you want to pay that little extra I advise you at least try a pair of 5.11 boots once. I advise you go to Patrolstore to get your 5.11 boots and gear.